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2018-03-22 16:00:06

As a bustling first-line metropolis, many people also want to see what it looks like and what is interesting. Let's take a look at the beautiful scenery below and see how charming the night scenery is.


Travel essentials, sunscreen, anti-mosquito oil, umbrella, hat, coat or bring a car air conditioner is too big


All kinds of necessary documents, can discount the amount of documents some scenic spot tickets, student cards, elderly cards have discounts


The first station "tower" nickname: small waist. The small waist of the night scene is much less than the day. To get to the tower, you can take subway Line 3 to Exit A of Chigang Tower Station, and walk about 400 meters to the tower. Go up small waist is the need for tickets, divided into several kinds of packages, if you want to go up to see if it is personally recommended that you buy tickets online in advance, group tickets are OK. When you buy tickets, you should also look at the time, and the play time in the package is open at 10 am. You can see a lot of beautiful scenery on the tower, and personally feel that you can see more beautiful scenery in the tower at night.


The second station, Haixinsha, Opera House, Huacheng Avenue, these points are very close and are also stations on the APM line, which is connected with Chigang Tower station. We're going to get a panoramic shot of the little waist and we're going to do it on this side of Haixin Sand. Take the APM line and get off at Haixinsha Station. Follow the directions and walk out. Haixinsha station can take a very beautiful small waist picture, you can see a very beautiful music fountain.


After shooting the small man waist, we are going to the direction of the Opera house, Haixinsha - Opera House - Flower City Avenue. These three points are so close together that you don't need to drive any more, and you can see a beautiful view all the way. Like museums, libraries on the right, grand theaters on the left, international finance and so on. It's a beautiful avenue all gathered together. Walk tired underground there is food, sit down to eat while enjoying it.


The third stop: Chimelong Happy World. As the name implies, it's a place to play. All kinds of play. This ticket is still recommended to buy online two days in advance, it is not cheap ah. Take subway No. 3 in the direction, then get off at "Hanxi Chimelong" station and exit E. It's quick and convenient. Inside is a variety of hi, absolute joy, I will not introduce. You guys can just go have fun.


The fourth station: Road Pedestrian Street, is a collection of culture, entertainment, commerce in one of the streets, is the most prosperous commercial distribution center in history. There are two options to take the subway to the road Walking Street: one can do Line 2 at the "BC" station, exit E, cross the street to the left. The second one is to take Line 6 and get off at the "Road" station and take exit A.


Fifth stop: Shamian, Shamian, it is a very beautiful place, quiet and elegant environment attracts many tourists to come. You don't need a ticket to go there. You may wish to go and have a look, there are still a lot of European style buildings, it is worth seeing. To take subway Line 1 and Line 6, you get off at Huangsha Station, and then exit D, after which you will find Shamian.


The sixth station: Mountain, the first show of the goat city, that is, the scenery of the mountain is beautiful, worth seeing. Because there are many at the entrance to the mountain. We will go to the main gate "South gate" route, take subway No. 5 to the "Small North" station, exit from exit B, and then walk back to the small North Station bus stop transfer to the tourist bus line 1 (take 3 stops) to the Yuntai Garden terminus, the bus will announce the station, everyone pay attention. If you are afraid of hearing it, ask the bus driver to remind you when you get on the bus, they will be happy to. Get off at Yuntai Garden stop and cross the street and walk about 100 meters to the right.


Finally, of course, there is a night tour of the Pearl River, the most beautiful or night view, so it is necessary to see the beautiful night view of the Pearl River. Night tour of the Pearl River night view is a boat tour at Da Sha Pier. Take Line 6 to the "" station, walk a few minutes to the direction of the Haiyin Bridge to the Dasha Pier, seasick people do not go.


I wish you all a pleasant trip! Thank you!

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