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Tourist accommodation guide

2018-04-04 00:00:46

Summer is here, and it's the peak season for tourists. Many hot drinks and hostels are full. In order to ensure a good travel rest, the following is a guide to tourist accommodation.


Accommodation in major scenic spots: Wankou World Sail base light tower: wine accommodation, (the most recent century sail wine, Junlin world, etc.), some apartments (city) the third sea bath: fishing home accounts for the main part, Wangjiasao village, Qiajidunzi village, Daquan gully village, Houshang West Village, nearby wine has Lanqiao big wine, Taigong Island wine, holiday Bay wine. Apartments are also the main part, where people belong to the location, many apartments, professor gardens, sea and sky villa, in the north there are Holland. The fourth bath: fishing home accounts for the main part, Wujiatai, Ren Jiatai, Chenjiacun, Feijiazhuang, forest park there are some hotels. The hotels inside are more expensive, but you can enjoy unlimited access to the park. There's hardly any apartments. There's no booze.


The fish House Hotel. Most of the coastal villages have been converted into fishing hotels, from the beginning of Qiaojidunzi village to the later Wujiatai Ren Jiatai. Of course, the conditions of fishing homes are also uneven, early decoration is relatively old, but here is the coastal location, the most convenient traffic, and the surrounding living facilities are also the most perfect place. Wujia Renjiatai these places are better, but the geographical location by the north traffic is inconvenient, if you want to live in the fishing family can give priority to here. The price of fishing home is also the main place, the price of the off-season (May, June) is generally 60-80 yuan a room, the peak season (July and August) can reach 150-200 yuan on the weekend, the peak season non-weekend in 80-120 yuan. If you don't see a room rate somewhere that is much lower than the normal price of the season, this should be noted, because many bad businesses are very low room rates to let you stay, and then make you forced to eat in their home. And the price will be high. You get a lot of looks if you don't eat. So be careful. Of course, some good fishing home is not like this, normal accommodation, want to eat at home to you do, do not want to eat at home service attitude is still very good. The room fee includes all the costs, the water and electricity in the room can be used, especially the air conditioning, some bad businesses may not give you air conditioning, to open the air conditioning but also the price, so be sure to ask in advance before opening the room. Local people for many years of tourism services to save the evaluation of a better fisherman, recommend to everyone, you can pre-here. There is no such thing as forced consumption.


The apartment. The apartment is the local idle community, after decoration, fully furnished, carry the bag to stay, privacy is good, suitable for a family to stay, you can cook, divided into one room, two rooms, three rooms, in their own space, appear free, quiet, safe. In recent years there have been a lot of accommodation here. Some of them have lived in the past, the decoration is very grade, of course, the price is slightly more expensive, but the actual cost to come over, or more cost-effective. Especially children, there are old people, come out to play must rest better, so as to play happy, strong. If you want to make their accommodation conditions better, it is recommended that you live in an apartment, whether it is from the security or economic convenience is a good choice, although it seems that the price of a set is more expensive than the fisherman, but in addition to the room there are more living room, dining room, kitchen. More than three places, especially family travel, such an apartment is the best good, there will not be too many messy people to disturb, everyone in their own space to rest, life. Isn't it very convenient and comfortable.

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