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Tourist classic route

2018-06-12 04:48:00

"Fairyland on earth", "south of colored clouds", Jingming flowers, simple and elegant, cultural heavy, wind and snow moon, quiet and beautiful customs, Shangguan wind blowing Guan flowers, Cangshan snow reflected Erhai moon. The beauty of these natural works is endless, and its beauty will always be fixed in everyone's memory, because it is the original ecology and the best embodiment of harmony between man and nature.


Travel essentials such as backpacks, clothes, tents, etc. Depends on individual needs


Travel related documents such as ID card, military card, etc


Classic tourist route 1 -- Lugu Lake -- Shangri-La line, in the northwest, Hengduan Mountains to create a strange highland style, the unique minority customs in the mountains will also add endless fun to this line. This route passes through the wind of Shangguan, the flowers of Shangguan, the snow of Cangshan, and the moon of Erhai; After the long history of the Naxi people's Dali, the matriarchal society of Mosuo people's Lugu Lake, and the Tibetan branch of Shangri-La; Pass the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Haba Snow Mountain, and Meili snow Mountain supreme Kawabao; It will also pass through the core area where the three rivers meet. All this has attracted countless tourists!


Classic tour route 2, -- (Jinghong) -- (to Myanmar)/(to Laos) line, this is a tropical rainforest tour, the more you go south, the more full of exotic equatorial atmosphere. On this route, you can see the beautiful scenery of Spring City, taste famous tea, and explore the starting point of the ancient Tea Horse Road; You can also go to the wild elephant valley to dance with elephants, or to the rainforest ornamental plants, in the Dai village there is a lively water-splashing festival. And to the border of Myanmar is the famous Golden Triangle area, mysterious stimulation is the biggest charm of this line.


———— Tengchong - Ruili Line, this is a line with profound history and culture, you can directly reach or start to play Tengchong, only 2 or 3 days. Tengchong is a historic city on the Southern Silk Road. Rich geothermal energy brings Tengchong unique scenery, surrounded by mountains, a hot sea of water, but also dormant volcanic groups. Ruili, the "hometown of the golden peacock", is the peaceful and peaceful home of the Dai and Jingpo.


Classic tourist route four, - a old - the state ————, this is the eastern tourist loop, composed of two parts of the north and south, can also be split to play. Along the way, Hani Terrace is large and magnificent, stretching across the whole of Red Shore county, County, county and other counties, Puzhe Black Lake has ten miles of lotus blossom scenery; Every Chutian is the rape flowers all over the mountains, and in summer there is a torch festival worth looking forward to. There are many cultural monuments, beautiful natural landscape, simple folk customs, waterfalls, Duoyi River, pearl are in this area.