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Tourist must go to the scenic spot

2018-03-02 11:12:00

Big Buddha Temple, Xilai Temple, Pagoda, tower, Guild Hall, Ming granary, national Heritage Site, Park, Desert park, Mountain villa, Ohnokou Natural Scenic Area: Also known as Coconut City, is the capital of the largest special economic zone province, is the provincial politics, economy, culture and commerce, in the forefront of the economic development belt in South China, adjacent to Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, Southeast Asia, is the hub connecting the mainland and Southeast Asia, the development of South China's economic circle of regional cooperation and export-oriented economy has unique geographical advantages. "The blue sea is far away, Qiongya is full of spring" is a true portrayal. The city impression is very windy, the air is very good (compared with mainland cities), and the wind is wet; But there are also some things, such as the interweaving of modernity and backwardness, civilization and ignorance, poverty, order and chaos, fast pace and idleness, urbanization and rustic flavor... It seems to be the same. Maybe this is it! This is it! Tourist attractions Wugong Temple, Park, Mangrove of Dongzhai Port, Tropical Sea World, Qiongtai Academy, Wan, Shishan Crater, Boao Tourist Scenic Area, Museum, Crocodile Lake Zoo of South Tai, Park, Hai Rui Tomb, Lake Wildlife Park, Shishan Scenic Area, Lake Tropical Wildlife Park, ancient fortress. Characteristic diet green lobster autumn Dongjiang salt curd chicken cuttlefish ball four treasure crab claws coconut milk chicken vegetarian pot seafood curly mouth seafood group dragon play pearl stone mountain buckles mutton four treasure tofu powder pancake fried dumpling radish cake Li Jia bamboo rice beef brisket rice, pig's foot rice moon cake Qiongstyle Shanlan wine fish pot


Located in the west of Qingling Avenue, along the left is the green casuarina forest belt, which scattered resorts, hotels, playgrounds and so on; On the right is the Qiongzhou Strait, where ships shuttle and silver spatter jade. The beach is 6000 meters long. Here the sun, the sea, the beach and the coconut trees complement each other, forming a beautiful and moving picture of nature. The holiday beach is divided into beach day bathing area, sea sports area, ocean catering and cultural area and leisure resort area, with music fountain square, beach baths, drinks, bath rooms, ecological square, parking lot, ice skating rink, water world, butterfly kingdom, cactus garden, children's activities, as well as motor boat, windsurfing and surfing water recreational sports and beach volleyball, roller skating and other cultural and sports activities.       Built in the holiday beach leisure "Water world" by the water performance hall, water park, sea club group surface, unique ancient Roman architectural style of the water performance hall, year-round invited European and American elites to perform water ballet, high diving, land wind dance, exquisite and thrilling, exciting entertainment performance projects, so that Chinese and foreign tourists are full of praise. It is a place for tourists and citizens to have leisure holidays, and it is also the most representative seaside tourism and leisure resort of the city as a tourist city.


The Tropical Wildlife and Botanical Garden is located on the side of a beautiful lake, and the landscape in the garden is purely natural. It is the first park in China with the theme of tropical wildlife exposition and science popularization. At present, the whole park covers an area of more than 2000 mu. The number is more than 4000. Green ecology, natural simplicity, appreciate all kinds of rare birds and exotic animals style. Visitors can drive in the scenic area to view African lions, Siberian tigers, black bears and other wild animals in the natural state of style, but also in the walking area to watch Asian elephants, giraffes, crocodiles, hippos, monitor lizards, pythons, emus, ponies, etc., can also be placed in the artificial monkey mountain and monkeys play, walk in the tropical style of the bird world, watch a variety of tropical bird performances. A variety of unique tropical snacks are available for visitors to enjoy.


Tropical Ocean World is China's first large-scale theme park with tropical and Marine themes, which is a symbol of our tourism entering the new century and a source of pride for us. Tropical Sea World is located on the west side of Shibin Road (along the west), which makes the beautiful island, forming a new pattern of tourism with tropical Sea World in the south and Tropical Sea World in the north. The tropical ocean world covers a very large land area, with 538 mu, but the scenic spots are very concentrated, reflecting the designer's profound skills; The beach area has 100 mu, and there are 13 beach activity areas ready for construction. The sea area is about 200 mu, and an extended offshore platform will immediately make the scenery of the Ocean Park rich and rich in layers. Tropical Ocean World is complete, a total of 800 million yuan, the current opening of the park is the first phase of the project, with the investment of 400 million yuan, large and small scenic spots and entertainment projects have let people see all day, said she is a diamond on the West coast is not too much. Seaworld's current 38 entertainment projects have been open since the end of December 2000, and on May 1 this year, it will open the 131-meter-high Millennium Tower sightseeing elevator and recreation.


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