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tplink wireless router URL Settings

2018-03-13 19:12:17

tplink wireless router URL setting is actually a method, you just remember to enter the corresponding URL in the IE address bar. The following is the tplink wireless router URL Settings, so that your router is connected to the Internet all the way, I hope to be useful to you. 1.tplink broadband router has an IP address by default and uses Web page management. This can be set by typing in the address bar of Internet Explorer (the default IP address is "" and the subnet mask is ""). We should note that now directly in the computer's IE browser address bar input "" is unable to access the page, the reason is very simple :IP address to be in the same network segment can be accessed. So we first need to change the IP address of the computer's local connection. 2. Go to the TCP/IP Properties dialog box of Local Area Connection of any computer system on the LAN. In this dialog box, set the IP address to "192.168.1.X "(x is a natural number of 2-253) and set the gateway to"". After you click OK twice, the setting takes effect immediately. Now, we can enter the router's management page in the IE address bar. 3. Enter the default password admin in the login box on the left of the login page. Then click Next to change the WAN type to "PPPoE" (the peer-to-peer protocol for the local Area Network) because ADSL dial-up uses that protocol. Here, we need to fill in the ADSL account and password (that is, the ADSL user name and password provided by the ISP to you), after the dial-up task is handed over to the router. After completing the configuration, save the Settings. 4. In the address box of the Internet Explorer, enter and Enter the password to go to the router management page. Click the Connect button in the status to dial up the connection. After waiting for about 5 seconds, the connection is successful, and the router will display the obtained public IP address, the ISP's DNS server address and other information, and now the client can access the Internet. The above is the tplink wireless router URL setting problem, although there is no extreme routing simple but still very convenient, you quickly see if there will not.