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Transhipment Japan Cargo Forecast course

2018-06-11 17:36:00

What is the cargo forecast? 1. Fill in the cargo forecast to get the transit address. 2, the goods forecast is to make it easier for members to view the arrival of goods information and create the function, the content of the goods forecast can be the name of the goods purchased by the member, it can also be the name of the goods purchased by the member (such as: cosmetics, maternal and child supplies). 3. Members can open the transport Japan add goods forecast information page while shopping on the overseas shopping website, copy the name of the product to be photographed into the input box, click Add to immediately obtain the exclusive transport address of the forecast item. 4, it is recommended that users establish forecast information for each item purchased, so that they can clearly identify their purchased goods when the items arrive at the warehouse. 5, users can add 99 goods forecast information.


When should I fill in the cargo forecast? Before or after shopping? Members are requested to fill in the goods forecast information before shopping or when taking photos. Then purchase at the exclusive address with this goods forecast.


After the user selects the goods to buy on the shopping website, the goods forecast page can be opened at the same time. (The product name in the picture is ロッシモイストエイド horse oil スキンクリーム 220g)


Users will figure in a product name [ロ ッ シ モ イ ス ト エ イ ド horse oil ス キ ン ク リ ー ム 220 g) copy to add cargo forecast information input box, click add. Users can also fill in the goods forecast according to the classification of commodities, such as 【ロッシモイストエイド horse oil スキンクリーム 220g】 is cosmetics, then the user can also fill in as cosmetics. However, it is still recommended that users establish separate goods forecast information for each product, so that members can more clearly distinguish which products have arrived after the arrival of goods.


At this time, the goods forecast information of this product has been added successfully, click to view the exclusive delivery address of this product. At this point the ロ ッ シ モ イ ス ト エ イ ド horse oil ス キ ン ク リ ー ム 220 g] exclusive goods forecast addresses have been generated, click to check the goods from the exclusive goods address.


After the user takes the shot of the product, the address of the goods forecast information of the product is filled in to the receiving address of the shopping website in turn.


When filling in the delivery address of the goods, be sure to fill in the number in the figure above to the delivery address. This is the exclusive forecast number of the product, if not filled in, the arrival of the package will not be recognized.