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Transverse Film City travel guide

2018-04-30 19:12:00

This is a place that can take you across thousands of years of historical time and space, let you experience a thrilling dream back to the Qin and Han Dynasties, an unforgettable love dating back to thousands of years of money, a scene reappearance of the Qingming period lively market. This is "China's Hollywood", this is Heng World Studios close contact with the stars, experience dream tai chi, play the theme park. Want to shock through, want to direct and act thrilling, want to follow the "Palace" together through, feel the step by step, then come to the movie city. In addition, there are also fantasy tai Chi, flash floods, Qing Palace secret drama, dream back to the Qin and Han Dynasties, laughing, heroes and swords and other entertainment shows, so that you have an immersive experience.


Scenic spot introduction


Qin Palace Qin Palace scenic area was built in 1997 for the shooting of the historical film "Jing Ke Stabbing the King of Qin" : there are 27 magnificent palaces of various types, 2289 meters long, 18 meters high and the majestic wall of the palace hall complement each other. The main palace "Four seas to one hall" vividly shows the majestic momentum of Qin Shihuang's annexation of six states and unification of the world. There is also a 120-meter-long "Qin and Han Street" that fully demonstrates the street scenery of the Qin and Han dynasties. The ancient road of Yellow dust, Jinge Iron horse, Yanzhao architecture, Qin and Han culture, can be truly reproduced in the Qin palace. Here, nearly 100 film and television blockbusters such as "King of Qin", "Hero", "Searching for Qin", "Wind and Cloud", "Emperor of Han Wu", "Zhenguan Chang Song", "The Kung Fu King" and "Mummy III" have been shot. The story of Dreaming Back to Qin and Han Dynasties is caused by modern youth's curiosity and confusion about the history of Qin and Han dynasties...... More than two thousand years ago, the first emperor in Chinese history, Ying Zheng, in order to resist the invasion of the Huns, built the world-famous Great Wall. Qin Shi Huang was famous for unifying the six countries, but he could not solve the problem of repelling the invasion of the Huns in his lifetime, and it took Emperor Wu of Han a whole 30 years to completely solve the problem. Because of the Xiongnu problem, the two emperors had different understandings and opinions. How to make up for the regret that Qin and Han emperors could not communicate with each other? In the script, you can see the Qin Emperor with your own eyes. The face-to-face communication of Emperor Wudi of Han Dynasty can also experience the game of hide-and-seek between the people in the drama and you, and even the dream feeling of many instant changes will bring you endless thinking and reverie, and enjoy the dreamlike happiness through the tunnel of time and space! Performance time: 9:10 10:30 13:30 15:00 Performance place: West Watchtower, Qin Palace Scenic Area Viewing Index: ★★★★ Interactive Index: ★★★★★ Recommended program 2: "Hero Fight Sword" Sword and sword shadow take off fighting reappearance "Hero" true color "ancient piano sound along the black eaves of chess hall flowing, heroes in the air up and down, like a dance, but it is a life and death competition. Heroes and beauties, ideals and aspirations, all in the sword and nameless free flying fight spread. Performance time: 8:40; 11:00; 13:00 (not on holidays); 16:20 Performance Venue: East Side Hall of Qin Palace Viewing Index: ★★★★ Interactive index: ★★★★★


Qingming Riverside Map is based on the Northern Song Dynasty painter Zhang Zeduan's "Qingming Riverside Map" built: there are more than 120 houses, 6 Bridges, 9 piers, 14 archways and so on. The scenic area is divided into outer city, inner city and palace city, with "Bianriver" winding, forming a unique pattern of city outside the city and river in Hanoi. There are many shops in the city, row upon row of buildings, magnificent Fan buildings, chic Watergate, exquisite embroidered pavilions and palaces, showing the luxurious Kyoto culture of the Song Dynasty and the bustling city culture, which is really "once you step into the painting, it seems to dream back to a thousand years". More than 200 film and television blockbusters such as "Flying Dance", "Little Li Feidao", "Lady of the Yang Gate", "Peerless Double Jiao", "Young Huang Feihong" and "Jingwu Hero" have been shot here. Recommended program 1: Laugh break array live interpretation Mu Guiying handsome Yang family generals, destroy the unity of the human array, hidden mysterious array, triumphant return to the story of the dynasty. Shocking lines, ancient and modern mixed, film and television special effects, make a noise. ldquo; The laugh is amazing. rdquo comedy. Recommended program 2: Bianliang A Dream large-scale ancient color trick "Bianliang a Dream", integrating magic, acrobatics, choreography, lighting and special effects, from the Self-reflection acrobatic troupe professional performers live performance.


Pingyan Cave Mansion Pingyan Cave Mansion is a provincial scenic spot, a blessed place for Taoist practice, known as the first cave heaven reputation. The scenic area has the longest sightseeing ropeway in the province, with a total length of 1310 meters, the horizontal height difference between the upper and lower stations is 253 meters, the average inclination of the whole cable is 11 degrees, the existing cable car 112, the running speed is 1 meter/second, and the tourists can be carried 300 people/hour per hour. In the safety and comfort of the cable car, you can enjoy the vast forest sea and the beautiful scenery of the entire horizontal. The year-round clouds and mist in the scenic area, walking in the clouds and dreaming clouds seem to let you come to the sense of fairyland on earth. Following the long history of Taoist health culture, the scenic spot develops a health series based on domesticated lettuce, health wine and health tea with God as a health place. Drink Pingyan, enjoy the beauty of the mountains, in the cycle of spring, summer, autumn and winter, Pingyan Cave Mansion is an ideal place for you to experience a relaxing trip and a leisure trip!


Hong Kong Street * Street Street Film and television shooting base was built in August 1996, is to cooperate with director Xie Jin to shoot the historical film "Opium War" and was built, is the birthplace of Heng Film City. The whole scenic spot can be divided into three areas according to the historical original appearance: one is the artistic reconstruction of the "19th century Southern Guangdong city street scene"; The second is the artificial lake representing the "Pearl River" and its "inner river" at that time; The third is to reproduce the Pearl River scenery "thirteen Yi Pavilion" and "Tianzi Pier" and other landscapes. Hong Kong Street film and television shooting base is one of the main scenic spots of "China Hollywood" - Heng World Studios. The whole layout is designed to take advantage of the wilderness slope, distributing the main street scenes of 19th century Hong Kong: Connaught Road, Pedder Street, Chater Street, Queen's Road, Queen's Statue Square, Hong Kong Governor's House, St. John's Church, Victoria Barracks, Top Ground, Wo Han Garden, Chi House, etc. More than 30 European-style buildings symbolizing British colonial rule here constituted the "Victoria City" of Hong Kong's politics, economy and culture at that time. Recommended program 1: "Big story Feihong: Big story plot string comedy, thunder lines high over the sky" fisherman girl is getting married, encountered armed robbery color, Huang Feihong flying up the wall, detonating organs heavy, the bride transformed into thirteen aunts, buck teeth Su rocket gun thunder down himself... A dazzling, laugh-filled dogfight. Wonderful interaction, full of laughter! Performance time: 11:00 14:00 Performance place: Street Hong Kong Street Scenic Area Guangdong Theatre Viewing Index: ★★★★ Interactive index: ★★★★★ ★★★★ Recommended program 2: "Angry sea for wind: Police and bandits water war, angry sea chasing the ghost show prestige" A sea of police and pirates, take you to find their own rivers and lakes. Vivid and spectacular super scenes and film and television stunt performances, as if you were in the sea filled with smoke, experience the thrilling battle moment. Performance time: 10:00 15:00 Performance Venue: Victoria Harbour, Hong Kong Street Scenic Area


The "Ming and Qing Palace Garden" is built in accordance with the ratio of one to one of the Forbidden City, bringing together the capital palace, royal gardens, palace yamen, hutong people's houses and other four major architectural series, which truly reproduces the original appearance of the Forbidden City and old folk houses. The main buildings are the hall, dry Qing Gate square, dry Qing Palace, Kun Ning Palace, Shufang Zhai, Cheng, meridian Gate, Yangxin Hall, military aircraft, six palaces of the West Lu, etc. In addition, the safety of the car is definitely a challenge, there are four wheelers rented in the city, two people on one, there are umbrellas. The TVB number-one show "The Golden Tree" was filmed mostly here. The new "Princess Huanzhu", "Palace Lock Heart Jade", "The World is peerless", "Palace Baby", "Hero of Heaven and Earth", "Ming Dynasty" and other films were also filmed here. Recommended program 1: "Eight Flags Horse War" scene wonderful interpretation of the Kangxi Emperor deterrent San Francisco that thrilling scene. Wonderful equestrian stunts, extraordinary royal style, and super shocking film and television elements bring extraordinary thrill! Performance time: 9:00 (the last Sunday of the month is 11:00) Performance place: Performance venue Viewing index: ★★★★★ Interactive index: ★★★★ Recommended program 2: "The Secret play of the Qing Palace: The secret of the movie, the Qing Palace Probe the Deer and the Cauldern" See the female director Wei Xiaobao and the princess brave Ao Bai House, steal the story of 42 chapters. Humorous performances, immersive visual effects, thrilling stunt art, take you into the magic of film magic magic charm. Performance time: 10:00 13:00 14:00 (July, August) 15:00 Performance Venue: Huguang Guild Hall of Ming and Qing Palace Garden Viewing Index: ★★★★ Interactive Index: ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★


Dream Valley Dream Valley scenic area, including Henglao Street, water town, Dream Culture village three areas, is a volcanic eruption, flash floods and other natural phenomena and natural scenery display, with a variety of recreational facilities and performing arts activities and other content of the large-scale night movie experience theme park. Henglao Street has a simple SLATE road, old shops, which is a microcosm of the old Heng, but also the true representation of the town in the 1940s and 1950s of the last century; The water town is built with the essence of Jiangsu and Zhejiang water towns, which vividly shows the people's livelihood in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China. Dream Culture Village sets the richest ancient mysterious natural wonders and thrilling rides as one, bringing you a thrilling strong shock. There are dozens of man-made and natural landscapes in the scenic area, which will make you linger. "Flash Flood," the first experiential disaster show, is terrifying. The world's largest volcano reality show "Dream Tai Chi" for you to create a pleasing, beautiful visual feast. Recommended program 1: "Flash Flood" a set of sound, light, electricity, film and television stunt, dance art as a whole, the integration of ancient, primitive, mysterious, religious in a large real "catastrophic" project. The weird mysterious Nuo dance rain ceremony, the disaster scene of torrential rain, mountain floods like beasts, and the carnival of singing and dancing after rebuilding their homes. Performance time: 19:00 (encore with the seat ticket time issued by the scenic spot) Performance location: Dream Valley Scenic spot Mountain Square Viewing index: ★★★★★ Interactive index: ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★ Recommended program 2: "Dream Tai Chi: The world's largest volcano real performance" Chaos opened, the universe thus tai chi, and all things are alive and harmonious. Dazzling stage art, shocking volcanic eruption real scene, take you to appreciate the romantic magic of the world, feel the dream scene of vientiane renewal. Performance time: 20:00-20:40 (Encore performance shall be subject to the seat ticket time issued by the scenic spot) Performance location: Dream Valley Scenic Spot Dream Tai Chi Stage Viewing index: ★★★★ Interactive index: ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★★★


Departing tourists can take the 809 tour air-conditioned bus (or other train) to Yiwu Railway Station, to Yiwu Jiangdong bus station transfer shuttle bus direct to HengWorld Movie City (shuttle bus every 15 minutes, driving 25 minutes, very fast). Visitors by bus can take the shuttle bus to Dongyang at the North Square bus terminal of the Railway station, transfer to the shuttle bus or take a taxi to Hengyang. Note: The train will depart from Dongyang Station at 7:10 AM.


Tourists can go to the railway station to choose the train number according to the itinerary to Yiwu, to Yiwu Jiangdong bus station to transfer to Henghe. Visitors by bus can go to the South Bus Station to take the Express direct to Yokoheng. There are four buses a day, two in the morning and two in the afternoon. The first departure is at 6:50 am and the journey takes about 2.5 hours. In addition: you can also take to the shuttle bus through the cross off.


Departing tourists can take the train to Yiwu railway station, to Yiwu Jiangdong bus passenger station to transfer to the bus to Heng. Visitors by bus can take a bus to Dongyang South Bus Station and then transfer to a shuttle bus or take a taxi to Yoko. There are four buses at the station and the drive takes about 3.5 hours.


Self-drive route departure: Shanghuhangyong Expressway - Hangjinqu expressway - Yongjin Expressway - Dongyang toll Station off the highway - Dongyang Cross. Departure: The second bridge - Hangyong Expressway - Hangjinqu Expressway - Get off the expressway at Yiwu toll station - Yiwu Ring Road - Dongyangheng. Departure: S031 - Take Zhuyong Expressway at Zhuji East Toll Station - Drive in the direction of Dongyang / - cross off the expressway.

Matters needing attention

Horizontal night market and specialty dining? Wansheng Street, which runs north-south through Hengzhen District, is a famous night market in Hengzhen and also a food street. Qiqi hot pot in Fat Tsai style, authentic instant-boiled mutton in Henglao Restaurant, Northwest style Big plate chicken in Hengda Northwest Restaurant, "Carcass Pot" in Hengbo Village, "Beef stew pot", "Sauerkraut Black Fish Pot", beef and horse meat Patty in Wansheng Street Chinese Restaurant, Dongyang ramen in Dongyang Noodle Restaurant in Wansheng Street, typical Northeast style bacon cake in Qianpiaoxiang Restaurant in Wansheng Street, Other special snacks such as Shanglu wonton, Dongyang Wo noodles, Dongyang ramen, Dongyang ergot and so on are favored by stars.


Hengshan Film City crew dynamics? Hengworld Studios is the largest film and television location shooting base, there are more than 10 crews shooting in Hengworld every day (spring, autumn is the peak season will be more; If you want to know exactly what cast and crew there is in a certain period of time, please check the cast and crew dynamics on the official microblog of the Heng World Studios, which is updated every day.


How to play a good deal? Two day tour, launched a lot of network packages (buy tickets to send wine), divided into people packages, student packages, packages for the elderly, parent-child tour packages, packages are included tickets star wine buffet breakfast ticket invoice, package tickets valid for three days. If you do not need accommodation, then buy a single ticket, it is also convenient. Ming and Qing Palace scenic spot and Street Hong Kong Street are adjacent scenic spots to play on the same day, Qin Palace Scenic spot and Qingming Riverside Scenic spot are adjacent scenic spots to play on the same day; Then the first night you can go to the Dream Valley to play, it is the most characteristic of a night tour scenic spot, must go to oh. In addition, the latest water world launched by Fantasy Valley is also a paradise for water play.


Are the horizontal scenic spots all together? How to solve the traffic between scenic spots? Each scenic spot in Hengzhen Film and Television City is scattered in every corner of Hengzhen, relatively concentrated; In order to facilitate the travel of the vast number of tourists, Hengshan Film City has opened a tourist bus special line. Specifically, the tourist bus line covers both day and night: Bus time during the day from 7:00 to 17:00, every 15 minutes, a total of 8 vehicles running, two-way, the line runs through Hengzhen main line, starting point for Huaxia Cultural Park and Houling Mountain, Along the way through Qingming River Map, Bianjing Grand wine, Qin Palace, Dream Valley, Heng Technical School, resorts, Ming and Qing Residential Expo City, Heng High Middle School, International Trade Building, tourism building, Xinghe Grand Wine, Ming and Qing Palace, Street Hong Kong Street; The night bus time is 18:30-21:30, every half an hour, 2 cars run in both directions, along the route for the Dream Valley - Hengtechnical school - resort - Ming and Qing residential Expo City - Heng High School - International Trade Building - tourism building - Star River wine. In addition, there will be a tricycle at the gate of the scenic spot, the general starting price is 5 yuan, between the two scenic spots or transverse city, generally 10 yuan can be reached. Remember to negotiate the price with the driver before boarding to avoid being hacked.