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Trauma or setback is necessary for us to grow and mature

2018-03-21 09:36:30

Ze Wei: Hello, teacher Yang, do you remember me? I once told you my heart, but I still haven't solved it yet! Yang Yonglong: Oh, I'm sorry I don't remember Ze Wei: It's OK teacher, I can't think it through, it's been a long time, and the teacher you are so busy, the teacher I haven't been home for nearly four years, sometimes I really want to go home Yang Yonglong: Then I will go back to it Ze Wei: But I can't go back now, I'm afraid to face the old face of mom and dad Yang Yonglong: After all, it is to face the Ze Wei: they did not let me go to school, drove me out to earn money, and my sister's fate and I have a day to shout different Yang Yonglong: It has been so, has become a fact, resentment and complaints can only hurt our own Ze Wei: My sister did not pass the exam, but my father let her price, high school two years, high school two years, high school two years, why they did not let me on, sometimes I really doubt that I am not their own, I saw them have school, my heart is really painful, sometimes feel that it is meaningless to live Yang Yonglong: Do you think that because of what did not let you go to school? Ze Wei: I have a very strong self-esteem, I do not want others to see my side, I often hide a person to drink, a person to get drunk quickly, then Yang will feel that all things can be forgotten, they say that boys should go out, should not stay at home Yang Yonglong: just for this, is there no cause Ze Wei: In the days outside I really difficult, home and can not go back, ID card and no, I sometimes hungry for several days, no sleep I ran to sleep under the stairs, sometimes earn money even their own not enough to spend, the salary arrived, the boss did not give, but also beat up, recall all this I really feel very tired! Yang Yonglong: I understand this very well. Growing up, parents and family members are special preference sister, but I never care about what, sister test more than 30, dad back to her to buy things to encourage, and I test a top three dad but also said why did not test a first, sister made a mistake dad never hit her, and I am not Yang, I was hit by dad, until now I am still afraid of him, I am not his own I doubt, Teacher I pressure is very uncomfortable, these words I never dare to say to people, the teacher I quickly pressure to slow down the breath Yang Yonglong: oh, think about it in another place Ze Wei: I thought, what I have considered Yang Yonglong: I understand very much Ze Wei: Teacher you know how old I came out Yang Yonglong: oh, it will not be fifteen years old Ze Wei: Teacher I came out at the age of fourteen, I gave people back sacks, carried the cement, I did everything, the last cold cough I finally spit out a black blood, the teacher I am really tired Yang Yonglong: Oh, really too hard Ze Wei: Now soon the New Year, whenever I am the most afraid of the time, I really miss home, the teacher you help me what should I do Yang Yonglong: I think you still go back home, after going back to communicate with your parents Ze Wei: they say put everything down, from new, but the teacher you say I can put down, what should I do Yang Yonglong: Now you are 18 years old, also become a citizen of the country Ze Wei: The teacher is not I do not want to go back, they have said no my son Yang Yonglong: Fate has made us what we are today, so we should give up all the past grudges and enmity, grasp the present self, and fight against the uneven fate: Last year dad sent me a text message, said I did not go home for three years he did not blame me for three years did not give home a penny he was very angry, the teacher I can listen to this feel unfair, give him back I said dad you never cared about me, you did not ask me three years miscellaneous, there is no freezing, there is no hunger, but you asked money, I said dad in your eyes I am not as important as money! He scolded me after listening, and then we were not over, I did not pick up, also did not give me to play Yang Yonglong: your father's approach is a little too much, may also be a bit of a drill Wei: The New Year when I gave them each to buy a set of clothes, in a little bit of things back, but I myself did not buy anything, ha ha! Yang Yonglong: Ha ha, you are a very filial child, teacher I appreciate you very much Ze Wei: teacher you didn't bother me, thank you for listening to me talk so much Yang Yonglong: Ha ha, how can it be? You and I are friends. Ze Wei: No! Teacher we are not friends, you are the elders, is the teacher Yang Yonglong: In fact, I have put you as a friend to see Ze Wei: Teacher you say I now what to do, is not to give up all this from the new. Teacher you don't say so, you will always be an elder, you will always be my respect! Yang Yonglong: Yes, give up complaining, let it go, everything in the past also gives you a wealth in the face of difficulties and setbacks, when you look at it like this, then you will have the pleasure and happiness of future life success Zewei: Said so much, the teacher you are not angry, but when my friends see, this has been unable to afford, thank the teacher. Well, I know the teacher thank you Yang Yonglong: people are born equal, and I am also a lot of difficulties and setbacks came, similar experiences also have a common voice, to make friends is very appropriate Ze Wei: Oh, thank the teacher you pass me so much experience, I will slowly change Yang Yonglong: In the past, I was scolded by people in the same village, which is equivalent to a stinking dog shit, and was often planted, beaten and abused by adults and children in the same village, but I am very grateful to them now, so that they have made me what I am today. Human growth is the process of encountering trauma or setback again and again, and repairing trauma or setback again and again. In fact, every process of repairing trauma or setback is not only a process of learning ways to overcome difficulties and obstacles, but also a process of cultivating and improving the pursuit of peak experience or self-realization, and of course, a process of improving the quality of life. We often say that "seeing the world through wind and rain", in fact, it means experiencing difficulties, obstacles and setbacks, and learning in the difficulties, obstacles and setbacks to "persevere in what you do; To feel that your life is in your control and control; See difficulties, obstacles and setbacks as challenges rather than threats." Ze Wei: Is it true that difficulties and setbacks make a person's life? What did you think about that? Yang Yonglong: At that time, I wanted to make myself strong as soon as possible. Ze Wei: Oh, can the teacher really change his own fate? Yang Yonglong: Yes, I was admitted to the physical education department of Normal University, the result was ridiculed by the village people for ten years, after learning psychology, and have a certain result, which changed the views of others. Ze Wei: I am confused about my future, do not know where to go in the future, what to do, how to face! Yang Yonglong: What are your plans for your future now? Ze Wei: What I want is to earn more money, and then do some small business, but this idea is far away Yang Yonglong: In fact, as long as you are willing to endure hardships, have perseverance, do a little small business with small start-up capital is completely OK Ze Wei: Teacher I sometimes really want to go to school, really Yang Yonglong: Did you graduate from junior high school Ze Wei: Well, now junior high school graduation is useless Yang Yonglong: Can your family conditions afford you to study? Ze Wei: Now I don't know, can you still Yang Yonglong: If your family conditions allow, then you can go to school in fact, now that reading is just a good dream, they have no longer want me, what else can Yang Yonglong: I think it is not so serious, it is likely that the past you let mom and dad angry, see through you Ze Wei: I will not go back, I will try to break out of their own blue sky, like the teacher said, put down resentment to start from scratch, although I have slowed down the pace, but I will refuel, the teacher may be my step mature enough. Ha ha, maturity is in the rough and roll, difficult and setbacks in practice, for peers you have been very mature Ze Wei: ha ha thank the teacher Yang Yonglong: I know a friend who has been through a labor camp, he used a tricycle to buy those seasonal small east, socks, sunflower seeds, fruits, daily necessities, etc., this more than ten years I saw him live very good Ze Wei: you say I will remember! Teacher, I have to go to work, thank you!