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Travel and food Guide

2018-03-25 12:48:18

The city is located in the province east Chaoshan, east, west, south, north, the terrain from the west to the east tilt, low mountains and valleys interleaving and uneven distribution, northwest and west for the hills, mountains, the middle, and the east are broad fertile alluvial and deposition, known as "fish and rice town". It is a subtropical monsoon humid climate, with sufficient rainfall, no snow and less frost all year round, with an average annual temperature of 21.4 degrees Celsius and an average precipitation of 1723 mm.

1 Travel


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


It is an ancient town in eastern Guangdong, which has been recorded in history for more than 2200 years. The city is rich in tourism, history, mountains, rivers and seas, with famous relics of mountain and sea scenery, unique garden scenery, temples and monuments of different styles, rich and colorful folk customs, distinctive local culture, four seasons of famous flowers and fruits fragrance, outstanding people, celebrities, anecdotes widely spread, It is known as "seaside Zou Lu", "Hometown of Chinese painting", "Hometown of small drama", "Hometown of fruit" and "famous hometown of overseas Chinese". Huang Cheng east-west trend, more than ten miles, the main peak is nearly 300 meters high. According to archaeological findings, as early as the Neolithic Age, there were humans living here, leaving a rich cultural heritage. Qiao Lou Xiao Kok 谯楼 was originally in the front yard of the county government, used for beating drums and blowing horns. After the construction of the gate in the first year of the Ming Dynasty Tianqi (1621), it was moved to the gate tower. Gate tower is divided into three layers, the lower layer is the gate of the gate, the middle layer is the gate, the upper layer is the glass pavilion, and the four sides are matched with flower Windows for Windows, and the Zhulacquered painted columns are magnificent and the crown of the five doors. END

2 Food


Vegetables belong to the three cuisines of the school, very Lingnan cultural characteristics, delicate knife, braising, stewing, frying, cooking, fried, clear, drizzled, baked complete; Clear but not light, fresh but not fishy, yu but not greasy, color, aroma, taste, perfect. There are many kinds of folk snacks. The materials are exquisite and the production is fine.


Penang kueh is a traditional snack, due to the similar pronunciation of Chaoshan dialect, folk mistakenly called "pong kueh", I think that since it is now commonly miscalled, it can also be based on reality to "pong kueh" as its common name. Oyster cautery is a traditional snack with a long reputation. It is made with the seafood "oyster" (i.e. oyster) as the main raw material, with an appropriate amount of cornflour and yellow flowers, mixed with water, and then cooked slowly. END