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Travel complete guide

2018-03-19 12:48:00

In addition to the rainy season is very cold in July and August, the other times are little different, some cold in the morning and evening need to add a coat, during the day is not cold wearing a T-shirt sun is very comfortable. But during the day is often a few minutes of light rain from time to time, the climate is dry, in fact, a little rain can moisten the air, but when it rains, you need to add a coat.


Eating snacks chronicled in travel books is hardly any good. But as a long point of people know, there are still a lot of delicious Liangjiang, personal feel in a delicious restaurant market pork ribs and potato chicken, the food on the 51 street river lake restaurant technical level is more stable, especially his spiced chicken wings, fish fragrant eggplant, iron plate tofu, spicy chicken is also good, and braised pig feet is good taste ah. There are also candied shops and pickles shops are also very good, roadside stalls such as fried potatoes boiled mushrooms can also try. As for the yak jerky that is being sold everywhere, you can just buy it at the price of ordinary jerky, which is generally more than ten or twenty dollars per catty. There is also a general fried chicken hot pot is good, fish rice River near the authentic Mengzi rice noodles, the price of 10 yuan, the taste is very unique.


The main tourist specialties are tea, silver jade, wood carvings, fur bags, shawls, scarves and other handmade products. The first effect of tea is that tea is more gentle than other tea, warm the stomach does not hurt the stomach, but also can reduce blood lipids, the elderly are more appropriate to drink tea, because it can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis and digestion, as an important trading place, knowledgeable people buy 200 yuan, in other cities are also worth thousands of dollars; The Dongba cigarettes sold everywhere are fake, and the local tradition in Naxi is to use bamboo pipe hookahs to smoke dry tobacco. The fur sold everywhere is basically the skin of bobcats and big dogs, there will be no so-called grass Wolf grass leopard, but as a decoration is still good, depending on the color of the hair can be haggled to 100 to 300 yuan. When purchasing sterling silver jewelry, jade jade, crystal gems, plateau medicine and other valuable items, whether it is in more trust or how large the scale of the shop, it is recommended that you go to the quality supervision Bureau for testing.


The main scenic spots around the tour include Yulong Snow Mountain, which is known as Glacier Park, Lugu Lake, which is unbounded and beautiful and primitive, La Sea, where migratory birds gather in wetlands, Tea Horse Ancient Road through primitive forests, Shangri-La, which is empty grassland, unconquered sacred Mountain Meili Snow Mountain, Qiangui Mountain with Danxia landform, rich vegetation ecology, and Tiger Leaping Gorge, which is a holy place for hiking. Generations have lived in a stone village of huge stones and so on. The main performances are Luban Lulao, Naxi ancient music, impression; Naxi songs are mainly hit dance songs, Dongbaji Nikkei, Naxi Jingdi, Naxi wine songs and so on. It is recommended not to ride on snowy mountains, and it is recommended that even if you want to go to high-altitude attractions of more than three kilometers, you must also play for a few days in order to adapt to the transition period of altitude sickness. Different seasons are suitable for playing different attractions, outdoor easy inn to give you some suggestions to play, a lot of natural scenery, suitable for multiple play, it is recommended not to want to play all famous attractions at once, on the one hand, time and energy are limited, on the other hand, if you encounter a scenic spot when the season is not right to play it, but will lose the real experience of classic fun, Yulong Snow Mountain in October is often blocked by fog, at this time you can play once again, it is not interesting, that season needs the weather to play well. It is better to play the attractions that are suitable for the season first, and to play the attractions that are not suitable next time. Two points need to be reminded, the first point: please have a tolerant attitude to understand the local relatively simple living facilities, respect the folk customs of ethnic minorities. Although the surrounding natural scenery is more charming. If time is sufficient, you can travel freely, slowly to a place to enjoy the scenery, if time is tight, you can consider following the club, all the schedule has been arranged, however, outdoor easy inn or remind you, with the group is best to find a good reputation of pure play club, otherwise the trip encountered unhappy things, that is, spent money, and buy a gas is not worth it.


Live, it is best not to stay in wine or wine inn, because you are to travel not to rest, you are to experience the characteristics of Naxi, not a high-end wine. To play suggested to live in the inn, the price is relatively low, but enjoy the folk customs are absolutely worth it, to live outside the wine that is really white to it. The choice of inn should choose a cheap and fun place to eat and shop, rather than choose near the square Street Bar Street, because the accommodation needs to be a quiet place in the noise. I think the inn itself is one of the very important attractions, such as booking wine or wine style inn will be very dull, will make your trip to lose a lot of good experience and memories. A lot of passengers from the passenger stack taxi to the guests, will encounter the taxi driver said that such and such inn is their own home, very cheap, let the guests to live, but there are people believe, this childish lie I really speechless, really coincidence oh, most of the passenger stack drivers have their own inn, so be careful of this kind of nonsense.


Other scenic spots to play, it is best to find a trusted inn owner to charter a car and other matters, because the inn is relying on repeat customers and word of mouth to continue to operate, so it will be responsible for the guests in the end, outdoor easy inn does not recommend going out to play during the rain, it is not recommended to play like a duck, the time is too tight, this period of snow-capped mountains often have fog but it is suitable for horseback riding, Then go to La Shihai or Shangri-La, and then go to see the snow mountain next time, spend four or five hundred dollars to see a fog is not interesting. In fact, there are many natural scenery, choose the scenic spots suitable for the season to play will be happy, there is no need to be too demanding. Tip: All the year round in addition to the rainy season in July and August is very cold, other times are little different, some cold in the morning and evening need to add a coat, during the day is not cold wearing a T-shirt sun is very comfortable. But during the day is often a few minutes of light rain from time to time, the climate is dry, in fact, a little rain can moisten the air, but when it rains, you need to add a coat.

Matters needing attention

Although the climate is warm in winter and cool in summer, it is suitable for traveling here all year round. This is just for most of the region, if you want to travel more places, the choice of seasons is very necessary.


Winter and spring to see the plateau snow scenery, the snow scenery during this period is beautiful throughout the year. However, if it is caught in the snow, it will bring some difficulties to the traffic, and some scenic spots with bad road conditions have to give up, otherwise they have to be patient and wait for the weather to clear or the snow to melt.


In April and May, you can not only sweep the regular beauty again, but also the best season to the old and really enjoy it. Autumn is the most beautiful season. The crisp autumn sky, colorful trees and flowers set off the Jade Dragon Snow Mountain in the distance is refreshing. Of course, this is a personal opinion.


It is best not to come during the rainy season, because the inconvenience of transportation can frustrate an excellent travel plan.