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Travel frog Chinese version download

2018-01-06 00:00:00

After "Love and Producer", there is another popular game "travel かえる" which literally translates as travel frog. Because the original is in Japanese, many people are a little worried - they can't read Japanese. Today to share with you the Chinese version of the download method.


Let's talk about how to download the Japanese version first. Open the game, search for Travel Frog, download it.


Next, let's talk about where to download the Chinese version. Since the game is very popular now, many platforms have introduced the Japanese version, but the Chinese version is very few. At present, Xiaobian found two platforms can download the Chinese version, one is a button assistant, one is a good swim fast explosion.


Button assistant and good tour fast explosion are not necessarily available in app vendors. At this time, you can turn to our almighty Baidu.


You just go in and search for "travel frog." And this game is now ranked as the number one best game, very easy to find.


But unfortunately, the Chinese version is only the Android version, no ios version. You guys who use Apple should wait, it should be coming out soon.


Finally, I wish you all a good time. I'm gonna go see if my frog is home. 2333

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