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Travel guide

2018-03-25 06:24:40

Many people are no strangers. But when it comes to travel, it seems that I don't know where to play from. ~~ Today, Ling Er takes you around. ~~ Start with a day trip. ~~~


The railway station has a different flavor ~~~ different from many places ~~ the taste of the last century, and a little taste of Europe and the United States ~~ Out of the railway station, don't forget to take a photo first.


When you arrive, you must not forget: beer, and seafood. There's a seafood bar right next to the train station, and the price is reasonable. You can usually get a fresh seafood for 20 yuan. After eating, head for the sea. The railway station is right by the sea. You can see it from the station.


After eating seafood must not forget the sea and ferry. There are small boats by the sea, 100 yuan a play. You can take a ride. Experience ~~ The general ship to go back ~~


After dinner, of course, we'll hang out. There are a lot of seashell-based jewelry around. Also not expensive. There are a few dollars - dozens of dollars ~~~ can also be a counter-offer ~~ Of course, the price depends on what you buy ~~~


Afternoon ship sea ~~ The sea looks very blue, very beautiful ~~~ general ferry ticket 10 yuan/piece ~~ is to another area ~~~


Back to the train station near the evening ~~ There is a tower near the train station, the tower is around the sale of arts and crafts ~~~ The price is fair ~~ not expensive ~~ can go here to take some home ~~~


Train station, there is a feeling outside, the inside is also very beautiful ~~~ After the inside lights up, as if you are in the ancient century castle, you are not a tourist, but to participate in the party ~~ is worth a look ~~ This photo is taken during the day, it is not so strong feeling ~~~