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2018-04-02 16:00:10

With a long history and splendid culture, it is the birthplace of Chinese culture. As early as six to seven thousand years ago, the ancestors gave birth to Majiabang culture, the representative of early neolithic culture in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River basin, which is one of the sources of ancient Chinese civilization. Places of interest such as Wenchuan's Tax Summer Pavilion and Xianghu's Green Village can still make people have poetic associations today. The South and Fen Lakes are three lakes. The misty rain, the south mountain, lake, sea in one of the beauty of light makeup, the water clouds of Fen Lake, are permeated with a "show" word, and nowhere is not given by nature. From Pinghu Jinsiang Bridge to the sea, the coast is more than 80 kilometers, the sea is vast, the water and sky are one color, and there are many hills and high cliffs as a barrier, so that the mountains and rivers add magnificent beauty outside the beautiful. Yanguan Haining tide is called the world unique. The wind of Haining tide watching, due to the stability of Jiangdao at the North Gate after the middle of Qianlong period, the tide watching ground was moved to Yanguan and flourished, which has lasted for more than 200 years. The lunar month is a spring tide day. The 15th to 20th day of August in the lunar calendar is the "Tide Watching Festival". Tide, surging ran, such as thousands of walls, such as thousands of horses galloping, spectacular, inspiring. You can go to the response network to book accommodation, now many independent travel people and students like to book inns and family hotels in the response network and some small rural hotels.

Travel Strategy: Travel routes

Route Design: D1 Xitang →→ South D2 South Route Guidance: Day 1: After arriving by train, transfer to the ancient water town - Xitang tour, afternoon drive to the rain Tower, "big" red ship, revolutionary Memorial Hall to visit. Then to the south to visit Egret Chau, Lake pond, Zhuzhuang.


The second day: get up early to climb the eagle nest top to watch the sunrise, continue to visit the south talk fairy stone in the morning, Yunxiu Temple, the Qing villa (Jin nine shelter), etc., and then drive to Haining Yanguan town to visit the sea temple, Chenge old house, Wang Guowei former residence, according to the tide time, the afternoon by car to Haining leather market, Xu Zhimo former residence, by Haining train or car back to Shanghai.

Travel tips: Accommodation

Accommodation is very convenient, the city has a lot of wine, hotels, can meet different needs; At the same time, in the famous ancient town, there are local residents to provide a hostel, you can more intuitive feel the water village life, the price is also very fair. You can book wine accommodation on the Internet, because you can compare and choose the cheapest one, so you don't have to be afraid of not finding a room to stay and being cheated.

Travel tips: Diet

The food culture has a long history and strong characteristics. It has the characteristics of Hangzhou cuisine and Shanghai cuisine. Snacks also do not have a flavor, such as crab, five fang Zhai zongzi, Wenhu sauce duck, etc., must try. Located in the middle of the Jianguo Road (junction) on the five Fang Zhai zongzi famous, you do not need to worry about the price because of its fame, in fact, the consumption here is very cheap, the snacks inside are self-service selection, and then checkout, dumplings, wontons, shaomai and so on are tasted, per capita consumption is only 10 yuan is enough.


Boat dishes have the characteristics of both Hangzhou cuisine and Shanghai cuisine. There are many rivers and developed water transportation. Since ancient times, there are countless delicious dishes made on the boat. What is a ship dish, as the name suggests, is a dish made on board and enjoyed on board. Ship dishes were once famous, at that time, the cruise ship generally has a kitchen in the rear cabin, the ship women in the cabin, playing explosive, fry, fry, fry, stew, stew and other skills, because of the "ship" and appropriate, prepared a variety of dishes and materials, waiting for guests at any time to enjoy.


Ship dishes are highly refined, and the raw materials are mainly from the special seasonal freshness, such as fish, shrimp, crab, eel, etc., with special attention to the freshness of raw materials and cooking skills. The items of ship dishes are: spiced pigeon, jade crab, honey fire, Hehe two fresh and so on, many dishes are caught alive on the ship, live kill, cook, eat, can be described as delicious. The dishes also include shrimp, prawns, crab meal, tendon, white fungus and lotus seeds. Famous dishes include shark's fin with crab roe, fish maw, cold turtle sauce, ham and steamed pork.


The famous specialty of Ling, round without horns, fresh and tender meat, also known as Ling, wonton Ling, monk Ling, etc., generally have horns, so called "diamond horn", but the Ling is hornless, can be described as rare. Its green skin color, smooth at both ends, and thin skin, tender meat, juicy, sweet crisp, fragrance and better than other similar varieties, can be eaten raw, cooked, and can make cakes, delicacies or wine, sugar.


Raw food should choose green and tender, especially when the water is fresh and tastes better; Cooked food is selected yellow brown old Ling, washed after cooking, taste sweet and rich, meat waxy delicious; The wind rhomb eaters choose black black Rhomb, wash and dry in the wind, and then peel the meat of the rhomb, at this time the meat is hard, but the smell is strange, and the taste is delicious. Zongzi has a long history of famous Chinese, Zongzi is rectangular, there are fresh meat, bean paste, eight treasures, chicken Zongzi and other varieties. Zongzi when push "five Fang Zhai" is the most, known as "Zongzi King" said. Its zongzi from the selection of materials, production and cooking are unique. Rice to superior white glutinous rice, meat from pig hind leg selection, dumplings cooked, fat oil into the rice, the entrance delicious, fat and not greasy. Many friends at home and abroad know the place name after tasting zongzi.


Eight Zhen cake is a traditional specialty of Xitang. As early as 1920, Zhong Daosheng, an old Chinese medicine practitioner in Xitang, was the first to make it according to the "authentic surgical" ancient formula and his own clinical experience. Before 1956, the company had been producing and selling Chinese medicine in Zhong Jie Fu Tang. After the public-private partnership, the cake workers and the original formula were transferred to Xitang Food. Since then, the output has increased significantly, and the products have also been exported to large and medium-sized cities, etc., and are welcomed by the masses, especially children.

Travel tips: Shopping

The local specialties include cornfish, crab, Wufangzhai zongzi, Wenhu sauce duck, Tongxiang Hang white chrysanthemum, Pinghu egg, Haining watermelon, Xitang eight Zhen cake, etc. Handicrafts include black pottery, silk clothing, Pinghu silk woven blanket, Kip Shi lantern color, cutting knife, Haining leather, Tongxiang blue printed cloth, etc., which is your first choice for tourism shopping. Located in the western suburbs of the city on the 320 National road, Honghe sweater market is one of the largest sweater markets. The market is 115 kilometers, 92 kilometers in the south, 72 kilometers in the north, and only 6 kilometers away from the exit of the Shanghai-Hangzhou Expressway. It is an ideal place for weekend tourism and shopping.

Travel Tips: Activities

Every year, from August 16 to August 19 in the lunar calendar, the China International Qianjiang Tide Watching Festival is held in Yanguan, Haining. On the basis of inheriting the traditional tide watching customs, it also holds a variety of large-scale songs and dances and traditional folk customs display activities, reproducing the magnificent scene of the ancient people along the river to worship the tide to treat the disaster and enjoy the waves. Every year in May, the Tourism Festival will be held. There are lotus lanterns, water tug-of-war (grab lotus), white boat, rowing performance and other water Tours.


In May of every year, there are lotus lanterns, tug-of-war on the water (grab lotus), white boat, rowing boat show and other water sightseeing projects. During the tourism Festival, there are also folk activities such as Zongzi Festival, farmer exhibition, folk art exhibition and photography painting and calligraphy exhibition. Xitang Tourism and Culture Festival During the lunar April festival, there are "April third" Xitang folk temple fair, Xitang custom photography exhibition, cuckoo flower exhibition, rice wine traditional craft exhibition and food exhibition and other activities

Travel tips: Precautions

To travel there are lotus lanterns, water tug-of-war (grab lotus), white boat, rowing show and other water excursion projects. During the tourism festival, Zongzi Festival, farmer exhibition, folk art exhibition and photography painting exhibition and other folk activities are also held every year from August 16 to August 19 in the lunar calendar. The China International Qianjiang Tide Watching Festival is held in Haining Yanguan. On the basis of inheriting the traditional tide watching customs, colorful large-scale singing and dancing and traditional folk customs are also held. The city is in the transition zone from warm (middle) subtropical zone to cold (north) subtropical zone. The climate is mild, with abundant rainfall and four distinct seasons.