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Travel guide

2018-02-24 00:00:00

Drink coconut water, sun, surf, swim...... This is everyone's dream life! Want to make your dreams come true? Then come to dream paradise, romance!

Travel guide

Accommodation: a few days ago do not have to live in a luxury hotel, live in the bay, looking for a chain wine, the environment is also very good, we live in wine 3 days spent more than 90, including one morning of three people breakfast, very cost-effective. The last few days can live in Asia, recommend Hilton wine, the hotel has a lot of swimming pools and the sea, very tall, but the price is a little expensive, breakfast a person has hundreds. But in order to be tall, spend more, haha!


When to go: Late June, when flights are cheapest and Hilton rooms aren't particularly expensive. If you come in winter, the price of 1,000 yuan will be increased to about 2,500 yuan, and the price of the air ticket is about 1:2 (the end of June: winter), which is to spend more than double the price.


Catering: In the bay a few days to say, to the laid-off workers seafood processing or the first market, in the market to buy seafood processing, but if you do not understand seafood you let the waiter take you to buy, in case you pick an old? To Asia's wine, out of wine to the nearby food city, popular food, what pizza Hut, these popular meals have everything, but a round trip takes 50 minutes. I think the local fruits are green awns and coconut are really delicious, other fruits we really can not eat.


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Sightseeing: you can go to the cape scenic area, see the stone and cape stone, you can also play at the seaside; Then find a day tour, West Island day tour, not only play West Island, but also play other bays, this can let the hotel front desk staff help, consultation. Then I'll go to Asia and spend the whole day in the hotel, except for buying food. In the afternoon, you can also eat afternoon tea, especially enjoy. We can also go to other scenic spots, I will not introduce them.


Traffic: The bay of traffic is not congested, that is, some buses have a long departure time interval, some 15 minutes only one, but as long as the time, there is no problem. In Asia, if you do not want to walk to the food court, you can also take a taxi, the fare back and forth twenty dollars, Asia taxi is still very convenient, soon can catch a car, this is very humanized.

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