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Travel Guide (1) Itinerary, route and scenic spot introduction

2018-04-06 20:48:59

As the saying goes, five hundred years of scenery, five thousand years of scenery, with the promotion of the economic construction of the Belt and Road, the ancient Silk Road, Hexi Corridor, and Shanshan and Shaanxi areas of tourism heat is also full of the year. The province is located to the east of the Yellow River and to the west of the Taihang Mountains, and has been known as the "Suri Mountain River" since ancient times. From the Spring and Autumn Period, Ji Yu, the son of King Wu of Zhou, was named the founding vassal of Jin. From the Five dynasties and ten countries to the Northern Song Dynasty, Liao, Song, years of war, also known as the battlefield, so the province left behind the material cultural heritage and intangible cultural heritage fully reflects the Chinese nation is a tolerant nation, so travel can further understand the Chinese civilization of five thousand years, Xiao Pain strongly recommend the small partners all the way west, into, Enter the history of China! Next, share the itinerary and scenic spots with your friends!


If you want to go deep, remember to drive, drive, drive! Here is the provincial city map, you can refer to it. Recommended cities are city, city, Jiexiu city, city, city, city, city, city. The main attraction of the city is Jinshan Grand Canyon of the Yellow River Hukou waterfall, the city is located in the west of the province, if the tour time is not enough, you can arrange the Yellow River Hukou waterfall in the tour.


Below is the road map of the road trip. This self-drive route is suitable for those who need to fly to a longer distance, you can rent a car at Musu Airport and open a self-drive route. The starting point is City → City (Tai →) → Jiexiu City → City (county → county) → City → county → City → City → city → city

Method/Step 2

Tourist attractions introduction


1. Shanxi and Shang culture-related scenic spots Caojia Compound (City and county) Qiaojia Compound (City and county) Qujia Compound (City and County) Wang Compound (City and county) 2. Ancient military fortress scenic spots Zhangbi Castle (Jiexiu City) Yanmen Pass (City) 3. Natural scene-related scenic spots rich in cultural heritage Mountain Scenic spot (city and county) Beiyue Scenic Spot (city and county) 4. Ancient buildings by related attractions Zhenguo Temple (county) Shuanglin Temple (county) Nanzen Temple (county) Foguang Temple (county) Shandai Luoding, Wuye Temple, Tayuan Temple, Xiantong Temple, Bodhisattva Roof, Rahula Temple (county) Wooden pagoda () 5. Scenic City (Bihuayan Temple) City wall night tour (you can ride a bike night tour, see the fountain) Grottoes Museum City Jinci Snack Street Yongzuo Temple Museum Bronze Museum

Method/Step 3

Let's talk about the recommendation index


1. The business culture related spots painted painted cao home courtyard, scenic area management confusion, poor scenic surroundings, self-employed, can't online ticket) painted painted painted painted painted jstars courtyard drainage house compound painted painted painted painted painted the wangs courtyard u u u u u u u u


2. Military fortress attractions Zhangbi Castle ★★★★ Yanmen Pass ★★★★ (The scenic area is a little bad)


3. Natural scenic spots Mountain Scenic Spot ★★★★ North Mountain Scenic Spot ★★★★ Hanging Temple ★★★★★ ★★★★★


4. Ancient architecture according to related attractions Fo Guang Temple ★★★★★ ★★★★★ Other buildings According to the personal preferences of small partners, the above two are highly recommended wooden tower is one of the three major chitas in the world, if you do not go out to see the Leaning Tower of Pisa and Eiffel Tower, first look at our country's precious wealth


5. Scenic City ★★★★ Grottoes ★★★★★ ★★★★★ ★ Bronze Museum collection hard-won, many of the provincial police after the unremitting efforts to recover from overseas national first-class cultural relics, and bronze Museum 2F is a digital museum, especially suitable for children to visit and learn, you can personally experience.

Self-driving expenses

The above attractions will take about 8 days (including round-trip flight time), and the cost of self-drive is several parts for reference 1. The car rental fee varies according to the price of different models. 2. The high-speed fee is about 200 yuan. The fuel fee for 3.8 days is about 600 yuan. Parking fees, taxi fees total about 200 yuan (urban attractions can be taken by taxi)

Matters needing attention

※ It should be noted that when picking up the car, you should pay attention to the current situation of the city according to your trip to decide whether the single number or even number. A $100 fine for every four hours in the city