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Travel guide, a person's winter trip

2018-03-21 00:00:45

Is a people yearn for the city, there is always a feeling away from the secular, many people like to play in summer, and I share the experience of winter today, there are not so many people in winter, but there is a different mood and beauty, if you are a person, if you are about to end of the term, if you are too stressed to breathe, with me to see the winter


A train ticket


A map


A relaxed mind


Winter style, a person to travel, a little more freedom, a little more random. After the train station exit according to the signs, walk about ten minutes to the trestle bridge, is a good place to see the sea spread, the scenery is good during the day, the light is also very good at night, of course, forgive me for not looking for photos, forget where there is, but will not affect the beauty. Overnight train, arrived in the morning, the oncoming is the humid sea breeze and salty air, in the morning on the trestle bridge to see the tide receding, see the visitors coming and going, listen to the seagulls singing, the call of the sea, quietly experience the sea for the first time in the park chair.


Across the sea from the trestle bridge is a small park, at noon in the vicinity to buy grilled squid, eat a little pork ribs rice, then go to the road to find accommodation, road transportation is convenient, where is very convenient, there is a night market, there is food, there is a sense of the old and new alternate times. The night market is very long, walked for more than an hour, found a duck sausage powder, it is said to be very good, it is really good to eat, sitting beside the rice glass window, feeling OK. Prepare for the next day's walk through the Old Town.


The old town is not big, but it is very delicate, with historical relics, with the atmosphere of The Times and the vicissitudes of history. Many of the roads are one-way, the streets are more uphill, and there are many cars, so walking is a good choice, and attractions can be included in the itinerary. The first stop road cathedral, few people, student tickets five yuan, after coming out according to the map to walk down a scenic spot, scenic spot tickets I think is the most reasonable place after having been to many places, so go until dark.


Along the way, you can see the British Consulate and various beautiful villas


The Governor's House, a period of colonial history, left a nice building


Signal Hill Park, from the park's observation platform overlooking the city, overlooking the sea, not the same perspective, not the same scenery and mood


Christ Church, to here about noon, go to the bell tower to feel the sanctity of ringing the bell, the mechanical clock click click sound, see the time driven gear round by round to throw away the past, at this moment the heart is quiet


Post and telecommunication museum, registration ID card can be, free admission, record the history of development, the first floor hall has a message wall, you can write to the future of their own, you can leave the best memories, you can take affordable but precious postcards, button on the various attractions of the chapter, mark, come to yourself, find a different back


German prison, a period of humiliating history floating in the mind, the architecture is beautiful, the history is sad


Of course, there are many attractions, if you bring a smart, you can search the beautiful scenery along the way. Visited a lot of places, three or four to go to the Navy museum, few people, or a lot of equipment, a period of naval history


Near the evening to Lu Xun Park, just outside the Navy Museum, a quiet place, the sea is a reef, suitable for a person sitting on the reef quietly listening to the sea, waiting for the tide over the feet. On the third day, he was the first at sea, and he lived up to his reputation. There is a ticket outside the ticket, it is recommended to buy, the car is more convenient, don't believe those black cars at the foot of the mountain. The regular way of travel is guaranteed. In the afternoon, I came back to the May Fourth Square and turned around, watching the "May wind", watching the children flying kites, watching the ship going away; Bought a lot of seafood food, bought a lot of souvenirs, feel appropriate to buy. The fourth day to the beach, walk the undersea tunnel, fewer people will really bring a quiet mood. After four days, the mood is different, the world is different, this is a process, need to experience.

Matters needing attention

Seafood market to buy fresh seafood, to rice processing, a lot of affordable, can choose a lot of delicious, can bargain, there are locals with the best.


It is best to respect other people's beliefs and regulations to go to church, do not make loud noise, do not take photos at will, take photos in time, there is no use in the future, or delete it, why?


In winter, pay attention to keep warm, the sea wind is big and humid, the same temperature, the body will feel cold.