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Travel reminder

2018-02-24 03:12:00

Are you ready to travel? If you are not ready, now is the time to catch up on some travel knowledge, guaranteed to be a great help to your trip.


The island has strong ultraviolet radiation, visitors should wear sunglasses, high index sunscreen and umbrella; Pay attention to choose some breathable clothes to wear, drink plenty of water and a moderate amount of salt soda!


The island is evergreen in the four seasons, belongs to the tropical climate, the weather is changeable, there is no obvious season, the average annual temperature of 23.8℃, the hottest June to July, the average temperature above 27.7℃, June to September tropical storms and typhoons are more frequent, sometimes rain, please don't forget to take an umbrella when you set out.


Located in tropical areas, many fruits, group friends to buy food to stop, tropical fruits should not eat more; Especially after eating seafood, coconut, pineapple and other fruits should be used with caution.


Climbing, playing in the sea, walking on the beach, you will find that sneakers are the most convenient, slippers also contributed. Shoes will only bring you misery.


Eat by the sea, seafood is of course the first choice of food. Seafood meal with romantic wine, brewing a strong feeling on the table, however, although the seafood is good, can not be excessive. It is really not reassuring to prepare some digestive drugs and anti-inflammatory drugs better. After eating seafood, do not eat cold drinks, watermelon and other foods within one hour. Don't go swimming right away; Do not eat cold drinks, watermelon, seafood and other foods immediately after swimming. The seafood on the stall, if there is no guide or friend to lead, need to be careful.


Rich in tropical fruits, coconut, mango, pineapple, jackfruit, papaya, heart fruit, rambutan, custard fruit, etc., fresh, processed dried or canned. Tourist goods or street stalls are sold, but not excessive consumption, you can take some home, airport consignment, pungent smell of fruit can not be checked, such as durian and so on.


Tourism souvenirs are coconut carving, shell carving, pearl, crystal, tea, and so on, as well as dried seafood products, are sent to friends and relatives of the good goods. Be sure to carefully identify the authenticity of the purchase, do not buy on the ground. Want to buy as much as possible to let the tour guide to the designated tourist goods market to buy, quality can be guaranteed, do not forget that consumers themselves have the right to bargain. Large coral artifacts are not allowed on the plane.


Try to avoid traveling alone. The room number of the tour guide and the accompanying personnel must be memorized. Keep in mind the name and location of the wine you are staying at, don't trust strangers casually, especially those who drive tricycles, there is no free lunch in the world.


This article illegal climbing is taken from experience


You must protect your documents, coins, tickets, the above equipment and other items. Otherwise, you'll have to stay a few more days.


Carsick, seasick, drink a glass of cold water before taking the ride, do not eat sweets during the ride.


Diving is allowed throughout the year. Those with otitis media, heart disease, heart disease or asthma are not allowed to participate in diving activities. It is a pure land with almost no pollution. At the beginning of each day's trip, hand out environmentally friendly garbage bags or remind each other by partners: in addition to good impressions, nothing should be left.


Tourists participating in high-speed motor boats, seaplanes, high-speed cruise activities should follow the arrangements of the staff, and wear a good rescue clothes, implement various safety measures, and avoid paralysis.


Visitors with children should take good care of their children when participating in water activities and do not let them go alone.