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True and false identification of Li Ning sneakers

2018-02-18 00:00:00

The continuous development of Li Ning brand in recent years and the continuous development of its products have attracted more and more attention. Of course, as Li Ning products gradually received consumer attention at the same time, there are more and more counterfeits also began to pay attention to such a gradually developing brand products. Especially in recent years, counterfeit products of Li Ning have gradually become rampant, which not only harms the interests of the company, but also harms the interests of consumers. This kind of "fake lining" without any quality guarantee will also cause harm to its users. Many friends will be cheated by fakes, and positive products are snubbed, which to sell Li Ning fake sports shoes is particularly rampant. Fashion clothing - Lihua network will teach you how to distinguish between true and false Li Ning sports shoes.


☆ No connotation, only LOGO class ☆ Each well-designed Li Ning sneakers have different design elements, these elements are shoe designers in the ordinary life of the observation and life of a certain perception triggered by the design inspiration. Designers use their own pen to reflect these design elements on the shoes, through the treatment of the shoes to convey something to everyone, and get resonance, move everyone. So whenever you get a well-designed product, you are actually having a spiritual dialogue with the designer through the medium of this product. And this kind of fake Li Ning sneakers also have different design elements, and are composed of these elements. But unlike fine products, the design elements of these gadgets, or the design inspirations that trigger the designers of these gadgets, are the products that are popular on the market. Counterfeiters will be different elements of different shoes "mess together" to form a new "life." This product is the so-called "plagiarism", and printed on a well-known brand trademark to fool consumers, then this is of course fake. Like these sneakers are a typical example. This is currently on the market more common a (class) fake Li Ning shoes, looking at its bloated shape and strange combination, coupled with Li Ning at this stage of the work compared, perhaps many people will have a strange feeling. That's right! This is a pair of pieced together "deformed children".


☆ Using recycled materials ☆ Please look at this picture of Li Ning sports shoes first. Although the shoe box and label from 2000 years ago are not enough to say that this is a fake Li Ning shoes (because it may be a stock product), the rough logo is enough to prove that it is a fake Li Ning sports shoes. Not just the logo, but the whole shoe is unacceptably rough. The needled "Li-Ning" letters have no delicacy at all, compared to another LI NING vintage shoes sold by Tan You, it is the difference between heaven and earth. The following picture is the 001 series of Li Ning vintage shoes sold by Tan You. By comparison, it is not difficult to see the serious deformation of the fake Li Ning logo. To sum up, this pair of stock lining shoes that seem to have complete accessories is actually a pair of fake shoes. The reason why counterfeiters choose this "grandpa" to counterfeit is that the shoes are low in technology. Easier to copy; The second is that consumers will not be too discerning about the mentality of old shoes. However, I think the counterfeits underestimate the intelligence of our consumers too much, and also underestimate the level of Li Ning when it was just established.


☆ Transform classic class ☆ Sneak attack Mr. Zheng's "flying armor" basketball shoes elements. A pair of shoes boutique for its designer is like a child, the designer looks at it from a scattered design elements, to the design drawing, and then to the final listing is loved by everyone, just like watching their children grow up. Therefore, the designer will naturally and unnaturally wear the products he (she) designs with pride and pride at ordinary times. However, as mentioned in the beginning, a successful design is also often the object pursued by counterfeiters. They "cherish the memory of the classics" in various ways that "blaspheme the classics". So, let's take a look at a typical fake shoe in the "makeover classic category". In fact, many people are not difficult to see the "fake" of this pair of shoes, it can be said that the level of imitation of this pair of fake "flying nails" is really very not, from the shape of the shoe to the upper to... Every aspect wanted to imitate the design of "flying armor", but none of them did well. In addition, the "creative" counterfeiters have added a design element. Let's look at this picture that I highlighted. Notice what I've drawn in the red circle. The upper is signed by t-mac, who now plays for the NBA Rockets, while the tongue is embroidered with an adidas logo. I ended up with a pair of fake flying armor. At present, the small sports shoe manufacturers in the country and Zhejiang area due to the lack of design and research and development technology and funds, often counterfeit shoes, which we must pay attention to. ☆ Fine imitation fake shoes ☆ (also known as A goods, goods, foreign trade balances) Many businesses often use A goods, goods, foreign trade balances to fake shoes (or clothing) as an excuse to deceive consumer friends, in fact, when you hear A goods, goods, foreign trade balances these words, you can basically conclude that it is fake. This so-called "fine imitation" can actually be counted as a variant of the "classic worship type" that I categorize, but the reason why it is called "fine imitation" is because its shape is more realistic and difficult to distinguish, stronger concealment, and more misleading to consumers than the previous classes, so it is put forward separately. First of all, I will send you two photos of Li Ning "Day Yu" ultra-light running shoes without any marks, of which, a pair of genuine, a pair of fake shoes through and through, I do not know whether you can distinguish it? As you can see, these two pairs of shoes look very similar, and are almost half brothers. Although there are many differences between the two, if consumers are not careful when buying or lack of professional identification of the product, I am afraid it is difficult to pick out the fake shoes, which is also the most terrible place of "fine imitation fake shoes" - masking. However, carefully discerning, we can still distinguish some clues, and the identification of these clues to debunk the mystery of "fine imitation". Beginning to distinguish: the two shoes that I have marked, the above is the real shoes, the below is the fake shoes. Notice where I drew the circle. 1. The white "support strip (here simply take this name)", the real shoes, the use of synthetic materials with patent leather luster, this material density is small, high strength, beautiful; Fake shoes, this part of the use is inferior artificial leather, lack of expression, the material density is larger, there is no patent leather that "bright". 2. Sole, there is a big difference here. The sole of the real shoe and the sole of the fake shoe I think the discerning people do not need me to say more, everyone at a glance at the picture will be clear. 3. Shoelace buckle, here need to be carefully identified. Real shoes, used to wear the LACES of the loop, the middle of the gray white one is narrower; Fake shoes, the three color belts of the buckle are basically the same width, that is, invisibly, the middle gray and white is much wider than the real shoes. 4. Through the other two photos with different angles to identify: (real and false) 5. Pay attention to the velo buckle that fixes the LACES lengthwise. The real shoes do not match the color, all of them are silver gray (the purpose is to have a mild color and the tongue is not too abrupt), while the fake shoes are gilding the beauty here, the lengthwise small buckle will change color according to the color of the shoes. In addition, the weight of the fake shoes is heavier than the real shoes, and it is impossible to make the sky feather so lightweight. At the same time, the shoes of fake shoes are not as full as the real shoes. However, the above four points have been enough to distinguish the true and false "Tianyu", I hope that everyone can carefully distinguish through my four points to avoid being fooled. As shoes continue to develop, fake shoes also continue to develop, so this article may not be able to cover all types, but fake is fake after all, and our consumers are not completely unrecognizable.

Matters needing attention

Finally give you three purchase suggestions: 1) go to the formal Li Ning monopoly or counter to buy goods, Tan you can also provide you with genuine Li Ning sports shoes; 2) Be extra careful in online shopping, try to choose a merchant with high credit to buy, the network is full of a large number of fake lining shoes; 3) If there is doubt about the authenticity of the goods in the opponent, please scratch the anti-counterfeiting layer and call the free customer service for inquiry.