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TV flash screen repair method

2018-01-14 19:12:00

Flash screen This is a problem that occurs when the TV is used too long. Is there any repair method for the TV flash screen? Luban home maintenance master this will teach you the method of TV flash screen maintenance.


The TV has a flashing screen, if it is a signal problem, then do not worry, and the signal will not occur again after stability;


If the voltage is unstable, it is recommended to turn off the TV first and then use the voltage to return to normal, so as not to damage the TV;


If the connection is unstable, it only needs to be connected after the power is turned off;


The led light is broken. The TV screen has a problem, the led light may be broken, which needs to be repaired.


The chip in the high pressure plate inside the TV is broken, resulting in the voltage output of the high pressure plate to the screen is unstable, which may also lead to the phenomenon of flashing screen, which must also be repaired;