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txt to pdf without garbled method to share

2018-04-22 14:24:49

Many office workers wonder why they use the PDF converter to convert TXT into PDF documents, generated PDF documents inside the text is garbled, only part of the paragraphs are normal, and most of the text and forms are confused? What's going on here? How to convert out without garbled code? 3 How to make the edited TXT file into PDF


txt to pdf converter


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Open PDF software, in this simple operation interface we can directly click on the left side of the software format type, here we need to convert TXT to PDF, so just click "TXT to PDF" can be.


Upload files, the method is very simple, directly click the mouse "add file/folder", the selected TXT document added to the file list, the number of documents uploaded at one time is not limited, and select the output path suitable for saving PDF, where you can save the output PDF file in the original folder, or a custom folder.


After the above steps are complete, just press "Start conversion".