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Ultralight Clay Tutorial - One Piece Clay Tutorial - Joba Clay tutorial

2018-02-15 20:48:00

Tony Tony Jabbar: Jabbar is characterized by a blue nose and a pink hat with an "X" on it. I am afraid of the heat, so my favorite island is winter Island in spring. He's the youngest member of the Straw Hat Thieves. In human-animal form, the smallest member of the group. The valve core is becoming a "panacea". Today 32 will teach you how to use clay to make One Piece set, this One Piece set has a total of 9 characters, and now to share with you is Joe's clay production method.


Ultralight clay


Start by making a circle and pressing out the mouth on one of the faces, as shown


Make 3 small pink circles and a blue nose, as shown, and glue to the mouth and sides, as shown


Use acrylic paint to paint the eyes, as shown (if not, clay can be used)


Make an oblate circle and a tall circle, combine them to make a hat, as shown in the picture glue a fork on one side of the tall circle, as shown in the picture


Make the two corners of the picture, as shown, and glue to the two sides of the hat, as shown


Make the body as shown in the picture


Then make hands and feet as shown in the picture, and glue them to the body respectively, as shown in the picture


This page is an illegal climb taken from experience


Finally, take out the finished base, and then glue the finished Jaba to it, as shown in the picture, Jaba is finished

Matters needing attention

This clay work is made by 0932 Experience


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