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Uncover common money-making projects and online part-time scams on the Internet.

2018-02-17 09:36:00

Now the project on the network is really diverse, in order to make money, a variety of talents, a variety of routines, a variety of unimaginative, only you can't think of, nothing can't be done. Do the network to earn this line, either set others, or be set by others, anyway, you want to make money on the Internet, imagination must be big, thinking must be flexible. What are the items that make money online? What are online part-time scams? Decrypt one by one.


Xiaobian do this line for a while, have seen a lot of routines, of course, in a lot of routines, if not in a few routines are embarrassed to say mixed with this line, today Xiaobian does not share what dry goods, and you talk about some of the online routines you have seen over the years, small projects.


1, red envelope this is mainly the number to create a beauty number, and then through the nearby people, a variety of dating sites, apps, space marks and other means to drainage, and then set up words to ask for red envelopes, this believe that everyone is very common? Dress up as a female college student who loves playing games, but has no money to buy game props, and then go to Tantan, Momo and other software drainage, generally saying to those people: Tantan or XX I will not play, chat to XXXX. Traffic added after the beginning of the lingo, lingo according to the role you build, like this female college students, Lingo is probably to let these se flow know that you are a like to play games but no money to buy equipment (red packet income), but also part-time to work female college students (product income), anyway Xiaobian has a friend is like this to play, More than three to five hundred a day, as few as dozens.


2, offline sweep code to send gifts, exchange points to send gifts this model of push believe that you should have encountered, some time ago a treasure push, is this mode of operation, in your community or supermarket door put a stage, the stage is full of toys, drinks, dishwashing detergent and other gifts, if you want to get these gifts then sweep a promotion two-dimensional code, Register and bind your bank card to receive this gift. The current promotion price of a loan should be 20 yuan per person, and the cost of those gifts will never exceed 10 yuan, which is completely waiting to receive money ah. There is also a point exchange gift, this model is actually similar to the one above, these people dressed as an operator's personnel, and then it is the same in these venues, and then put toys, POTS and pans and other gifts, under the flag of an operator to do points exchange activities. Of course, the cost of the gift and the value of the points are certainly not proportional, and then you can earn a difference.


3, bombing this is more immoral, probably the routine is to find this kind of bombing software on the Internet, and then find bombing, bombing a few minutes, a few minutes or longer, and then pretend to be a customer service staff to say what is abnormal in the background, and then spend money, generally do this kind of money collection account is manipulated, check can not find.


4, 20 seconds small movie this if you have visited the welfare group should have seen, this: (as shown in the figure) group will generally have this welfare link, and then when we click on these links will jump to such a page. From the picture above I believe you should understand how this routine is like? Is to give you a 20-second video, and then let you recharge, after charging there is no then, this is actually a set of small programs, there are a lot of this type of source code on the Internet, buy a domain name, space, install the source code, you can go to the welfare group.


5, the dating platform is also a very popular and very bovine means of realization some time ago. It is this kind of dating platform on the public number: (as shown in the figure) This project has a strong cash ability, basically there is traffic to cash directly, what is the method of cash? Look at the picture below: This dating platform is similar to the general dating platform model, here you can see people near your location, and then these opposite sex will greet you, you need to pay money if you need to chat with them. But in fact, this dating platform is just a set of procedures, in this dating platform and you chat are robots, this program can collect your location information, and then these robots have a complete set of words, will continue to find you chat, and then you want to chat with these so-called beautiful women need to spend money. Xiao Bian saw a person is to use this program to make millions of dollars in 3 months, but now Tencent hit this, it is relatively rare, and now this routine is changed to the APP way, and then advertise in places such as headlines, proving that there is still a market, but the risk is also big, some time ago because of this people went in.


6, although feng Shui is not a feudal society, but feng shui has always been a piece of people can not be ignored, not marriage, name, moving, decoration, construction, etc. More or less will please feng shui masters to help calculate the days. This is mainly about those fake masters on the Internet. They are mainly to package themselves as feng shui masters, and then through some feng shui soft text to drain to their own wechat, or group, and then through a variety of routines to let them fission, marketing, and finally sell feng shui products. This project can be said to be very unpopular, but also very profitable. The drainage place can be, post bar, know, headlines and other self-media platforms, it can also be a direct public number order. The products sold are all kinds of feng shui ornaments, there are some virtual products, to help others name, fortunetelling, fortunetelling, etc. (there are a lot of free software on the Internet can be calculated), you can operate things are very much, mainly the use of poor information, remember the students before the blog has shared similar, here will not say more.


7, circle of friends forward to send things this in a short time ago wechat business very like to use a routine, although now there are also people to do, but relatively few. The main is to pack a good circle of friends, this need not say more, we all understand. It is to release free watches, glasses, cosmetics and so on in the circle of friends, and then put product pictures. If someone adds, ask for a gift, let them send the circle of friends "free information" group to screenshot. Speech is generally "XX free, limited XXX sets, delivery is finished, please send the first of my circle of friends to 5 groups and screenshots to me to get oh." If he forwards the screenshots to you, he can use the postage method. Rumor has it one made a small target with this trick. Well, these are small projects and routines that Xiaobian has seen online or friends around him have operated, I know there are very, very many projects, but I do not know how to write for a while, only think of so many others are more gray or even black here is hard to say, in fact, so many routines are from the human nature, There are as many patterns as there are good people. Let's stop there for today,