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Unicorn Ganda model deformation method

2018-03-13 09:36:00

Today's experience and everyone talk about the problem of the deformation method of the unicorn Dare to model, hoping to help friends in need.


The first step, of course, is dismemberment! The horns of the head make this animal very helpless take off the armor on the two sides of the head and turn the two axes backward to expose the face and pull the entire surface of the head back to put in the face of the unicorn


Rotate the armor removed in the first step by 180° (here the Angle is replaced by a movable Angle) and finally spread the Angle, and the head is complete! (Feels like this is the most awesome move)


The transformation of the chest, now is a variety of pull all kinds of cool (because the chest baffle is very loose, basically pulled down automatically fell down) this part is very difficult to buckle....... The part of the light knife pulls directly up to the thing in the 90° backpack........ This beast can only say ha ha......


The arm part of the shoulder joint is double-jointed shoulder here is not very easy to open, this animal likes to stick out of it


In order to see clearly, remove some parts of the ring when rotating the parts tend to get stuck, so it is best to rotate the shoulder together so that is done


The arm is still very simple, that is, the outside is double joint, so it should be pulled diagonally upward. Of course, there is a point that is very painful....... Pull the whole thing off = =, but you can't turn.... without force

Matters needing attention

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