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Urban tourism guide

2018-01-09 12:48:00

As the saying goes, "is a city that comes and doesn't want to leave" This sentence is correct, there are many fun places, there are many historical culture, there are also places that can play and there are many snacks, today mainly talk about the downtown tourism strategy, to tell you what I think is more fun place.


Urban tourism

City attractions recommended

Jin Li Jin Li is a must go to tourist attractions, in Jin Li, do not go to eat snacks is the biggest regret, there are some small handicrafts sold inside, very exquisite.


Temple temple is next to Jin Li, it is the largest three countries heritage museum, like the three cultures can come to see, temple tickets for 30 yuan per person.


Wide and narrow alley and Jin Li is similar, there are many snacks, there are also some small pubs, you can sit inside, very good


Ruins and Sanxingdui interlinked, is one of the representative sites of ancient Shu civilization, like you can also go to see, but also need to buy tickets, you can buy 40 yuan per person


Du Fu Cottage is Du Fu's former residence, there are many about Du Fu, like you can go to see, the ticket price is 30 yuan per person


Chunxi Road modern commercial street, there are many food and shopping places, people are very busy, in Chunxi Road almost anything can be bought


Jiuyanqiao Bar street can go to a small bar street at night, the sky is a night, there is a lively, bright lights, very beautiful, you can go inside to sit, drink a little wine, do not have a flavor.

Route recommendation

The first day temple - Jin Li - Bar street, recommended accommodation near a bar street, preferably subway entrance


The next day, Du Fu's cottage - ruins - Wide and narrow lane, accommodation can live near the wide and narrow lane


On the third day, sit down from the wide and narrow lane to Chunxi Road, and then start to visit Chunxi Road, shopping, and visit the most lively commercial street in the city

Travel mode

It is mainly based on the ground, supplemented by public transport, it is best not to drive in the urban area, and it is very congested at any time.

Matters needing attention

To the crowded place must protect their own personal finances, in some busy places, thieves are also more, pay attention to anti-fraud, anti-theft! You need to wear a mask to protect yourself from smog when you travel to the city in winter.

Matters needing attention

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