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Us to send packages home, you don't know the USPS discount

2018-02-05 11:12:00

Life in the United States is always inevitable to send international, at home tapping keyboard, move the mouse can be sent to, make an appointment to collect packages super convenient, super money.




1. Using USPS to send packages to China, you only need to create a USPS International Label on the multi-sided list. USPS delivers packages directly to the destination recipient in China. The process is as follows: 1, register the "Multi-sided order" and log in 2, create the "USPS International Label", fill in the receiving, sender and package information 3, submit to download and print the USPS Label, and then paste the USPS Label on the package, and make an appointment with the USPS to pick up the package. 4. Tracking parcel information with USPS tracking number How much does it cost to send a parcel to China? Many side list official website can view USPS to China preferential prices. Because, the multi-sided order system needs to recharge in order to create the order! Therefore, you can calculate the price according to the weight of the package and recharge it first, so that it is more convenient to create a waybill.


Two, FedEx airport post office to send to China (cost-effective) can send a number of small packages to different cities in China into a large package, with FedEx waybill free to send to the warehouse, the warehouse will be converted into GSS(airport post office) waybill, according to the address information of different recipients of the shipment. The process is as follows: 1, register the "multi-sided order" and log in 2, create the order, "Create the airport post office order" 3, submit the printed Label, attach the Label to the package, and then need to send it to the FedEx door. 4, use the FedEx tracking number to check whether the package has arrived at the warehouse, the warehouse will upload a new GSS tracking number after delivery. Transfer to Airport post Office to China: First pound $8 continued weight $4; Express first pound $13 Continued weight $4, the sum of small packages less than 5 pounds, the minimum charge of 5 pounds!


What is GSS (Airport Post Office)? Is it safe? GSS is also an international service in the United States that requires its own delivery of packages to USPS designated airports for shipment to their destinations. At present, it supports the United States to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Macau, Russia, UAE. The security is the same as that of USPS Express Mail and Priority Mail. If you feel that you are not insured and afraid of losing the piece, you can buy insurance and lose the piece can get the maximum full compensation. Two ways to send to China the same time, universal fast 2 weeks, express 1 week. You can save money by sending packages on multiple sheets. American mail, American mail worldwide.