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Videoconferencing General Knowledge tutorial: [3] Add music to video

2018-03-14 01:36:00

A video without music makes people feel not so good, with the accompaniment of music, the effect of the video will be much better!




Video conferencing software


First, switch to the audio folder in your library and select a song you like.


Then click on that music and drag the finger track, as shown in the image below.


Obviously, the sound is too long and does not match the image we added first. At this time, we can move the pointer to the end of the image and click the small scissors pointed by the arrow. We can split the excess sound in half and delete the last half.


Then you can adjust the size of the sound as needed, double-click the sound material of the time track, you can see where the adjustment arrow points, where you can adjust the size of the sound.


You can also add some effects to the sound, as shown in the figure below, single sound filter, and then select an effect in the pop-up dialog box, and then single add, click OK, so that the music has been added.


You can preview it, and then you can hear the sound when you look at a picture, feeling much stronger than just the picture!

Matters needing attention

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