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Water can not boot how to do water treatment method

2018-03-03 16:00:00

Regarding the problem of water, I believe that a large part of my friends who have used it for 2-3 years will have encountered it. And a large proportion of users are in the love machine soon after the purchase encountered water. At this time I believe many friends will be very anxious. So water can not boot how to do. Today Xiaobian to introduce several water treatment methods.


Electric hair dryer   Alcohol




To introduce several water treatment methods. We divide the situation into three types:


(a) in the case of electricity fell;


(2) Fall into non-corrosive liquid in the case of power failure;


Third, when the power is not, or whether the power is not falling into corrosive liquid or viscous liquid or other clean liquid. The first two cases have a good chance of survival and may have no sequelae, the latter is a matter of luck. Of course, if you're unlucky, the PPC will break in your pocket. The biggest problem after PPC water is how to deal with it. First of all, for the first or second cases, we must not think that the machine has been scrapped. Don't try to disassemble it because it's already flooded. Here is my personal advice for each situation:


First, in the case of power fall, this situation generally does not need to disassemble processing. 1 Power off as soon as possible. 2 Vigorously shake dry, but do not shake the machine off, the idea is to shake out the water in the screen. If there are any droplets left on the screen, there will be traces when it dries. 3 Place it under a light heat source such as desk lamp and spotlight to let the water slowly disperse. The process takes more than six hours. Do not rush to use strong heat sources such as hair dryers. After these three steps, the power supply can basically work normally.


2. When energized, it falls into a non-energized corrosive liquid or viscous liquid or other partially clean liquid. This is the most troublesome situation. But there is also a good chance that the machine will recover after proper treatment. 1 Power off as soon as possible 2 If you fall into corrosive liquid (such as seawater), wash the machine immediately. Or immerse the machine and try to dilute the corrosive liquid inside. 3 Disassemble the machine as soon as possible. But take it slow when you're taking it apart. 4 Clean with alcohol or professional washing machine water. 5 Assembly. Or take your disassembled stuff to a repair shop. Let the repair shop clean and assemble it for you again.


Third, fall into non-corrosive liquid in the case of power failure. In this case, you can basically assume that the machine is not damaged. But maybe the LCD screen will be ugly. 1 Shake it dry, but don't shake the machine off. 2 If there is no trace on the LCD screen, handle it according to item 3 of the first point. 3 If there is something left on the screen and it is very serious, do not press the first point 3 treatment, because the electronic circuit after this treatment can work normally, but the screen may be ugly. It can be sent to the nearest maintenance department for processing or disassemble the machine by yourself.

Matters needing attention

These many things about the water can not boot some solutions. These are a lot of tried solutions. The effect is commendable. No, you are not experiencing water problems now. You can read more about the content of this article. In case something like this happens again. It's also easier to solve. This is the water treatment method.