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Water heater common troubleshooting

2018-03-23 19:12:42

Water heater refers to a device that increases the temperature of cold water into hot water in a certain period of time through various physical principles. According to different principles can be divided into electric water heater, gas water heater, solar water heater, magnetic energy water heater, air energy water heater, heating water heater and so on. The following is a brief introduction to the common troubleshooting of water heaters.


There is no water added to produce leakage, mostly the power line and the housing conductive part of the collision without good grounding will produce a short circuit.


The heating indicator is not on, but it can be heated normally. Common reasons are that the indicator is improperly connected or disconnected. The indicator is broken.


There is no insulation function, and it is heated until tripping, mostly because the temperature of the thermostat is too high or has been burned and melted short circuit.


Has been in the heat preservation state, can not be reheated, thermostat can not be reset has been in the open state.


The heating time is too long, the time required for the water heater to be heated to the maximum water temperature of 75 degrees Celsius for the first time (or disabled for a period of time) is about 1-2 hours, and the water heater is not heated with the highest power level or the electric heating is bad.


The leakage protection light is not bright, the power rod seat has no electricity or poor contact; There is no water in the water heater (or not filled), the electric heating is in a dry burning state, and the reset button of the leakage protection plug jumps to cut off the power supply; The water temperature of the water heater is too high, and the reset button of the leakage protection plug jumps, cutting off the power supply; The electric heating of the water heater is bad, so that the reset button of the leakage protection plug jumps and cuts off the power supply; Water heater leakage, leakage protection plug reset button jumps, cut off the power.