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Wedding banquet drink wedding wine guide festive days also drink health

2018-03-18 16:00:00

1, drink a moderate amount of light salt water or salt solution to prevent the loss of salt in the body due to dehydration. 2, eat oily food, such as fat, hoof, fat is not easy to digest, can protect the stomach, prevent alcohol penetration, but also make ethanol in the body absorption time. 3, drink a glass of milk, can prevent gastritis and dehydration. Drinking milk with sugar or honey can promote the breakdown of ethanol and protect the stomach mucosa. 4, not one drink, should be divided into several sips to drink. The concentration of alcohol in the blood rises slowly, and it is not easy to get drunk. 5, do not drink with carbonated beverages such as cola, carbon dioxide will speed up the body's absorption of alcohol. 6, do not drink ice water, lemonade and other stimulant drinks, will offset the stomach effect of milk. 7, do not drink on an empty stomach, alcohol absorption is fast, people are easy to get drunk. 8, drink beer and avoid eating barbecue food, which is a high purine food, will increase the risk of gout. 9, the best meal: beef, chicken, fish and other animal foods and soy products, contain a lot of methionine and choline, enhance the liver's ability to decompose alcohol. Pig liver to replenish B vitamins lost due to drinking. Green leafy vegetables, neutralizing the acidity of wine and meat, antioxidants and vitamins protect the liver. 10, avoid eating kielsausage, salted fish, bacon, they contain a large number of nitrosamines and pigments, if the reaction with alcohol in the body, not only hurt the oral cavity and esophagus mucosa will also hurt the liver, serious can also cause cancer. Drinking at the wedding banquet is an inevitable thing, Chinese people good face, not so much alcohol but still drink according to the mistake, but the wedding banquet or to celebrate with wine, how to drink at the wedding? Summed up 10 points to pay attention to drinking wedding wine, so that everyone drink happy, drink healthy.