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Wedding photo experience summary of 4 small knowledge

2018-01-13 08:00:00

Taking wedding photos is a matter of happiness and a tacit understanding between the couple, so what is needed when taking wedding photos is the expression of happiness between the two people. As long as the tacit understanding of cooperation, coupled with the real emotion and natural sweet smile, then the photos taken are belonging to each couple belong to their own unique wedding photos Oh.


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Wedding photos


1, the style does not like more communication in the makeup styling must communicate with the makeup artist, explain your ideas, if you don't feel like it must be said in advance, otherwise it can not be modified after the shoot.


2, the tacit understanding of the two people before the shooting and the photographer communicate their desired effect, put forward their own ideas, the photographer will give you professional advice and the requirements and skills of the shooting action, give the new people more space to find the feeling of shooting, of course, the communication between the two sides is also very important, try more, so that the shooting will be more natural and real oh.


3, smile to natural wedding photos should pay attention to keep smiling, smile under the chin down, mouth slightly open, do not try to grin, also can not smile after all is a wedding photo, if there is no smile then it is not very good-looking, of course, if the theme of close-up wedding photos said another, smile tired can and photographers explain the rest.


4, keep a happy mood when taking photos of each other may be a little nervous, which will lead to the effect of shooting is not very good, it is recommended that the new couple choose to shoot more location, shooting location can be running, playing, chatting to relax the mood, the photographer will capture a lot of moments of happiness, It not only relieves the tense shooting atmosphere but also achieves the full happiness photo effect.