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Weight loss tips, five of the most popular ways to lose weight

2017-12-31 16:00:00
Many people want to lose weight quickly and effectively, but many people use extreme methods in pursuit of rapid weight loss, which often cause great harm to the body. So, is there a healthy quick way to lose weight? Here, we take a look at five of the most popular ways to lose weight.

NO.1 (egg milk + fruit vegetarian beauty method) 1, breakfast a boiled egg, a cup of milk, half an apple or some potatoes + ham + salad dressing 2, a bowl of rice + dishes 3, dinner at seven o 'clock, similar to Chinese food, but only eat seven to eight full, and after nine o 'clock can not eat anything, But except fruit 4, you can drink a cup of juice before going to bed (you can squeeze lemon juice + water + two sour plums) (taste good, remember not to add sugar) 5, with moderate exercise


NO.2 (Yogurt diet therapy) 1, wake up: two cups of water 2, breakfast: vegetable juice 200cc3, lunch: yogurt 500g 4, dinner: vegetable juice 200cc5, before bed: 1-2 cups of water


NO.3 (Apple meal) 1, breakfast: a bottle of milk (or unsweetened coffee) + a boiled egg (or tea egg) 2, apple: from 12:00 noon, eat an apple every 2 hours until 8:00 PM, a total of five, after eating no more apple meal to eat a day is enough


NO.4 (Whole wheat bread + skim milk Western diet) 1, morning: one piece of whole wheat toast, one boiled egg, one cup of skim milk, one cup of tea (diet Coke is also available) 2, medium: Skim milk cup, boiled tuna (the same amount of chicken breast can also be) boiled green vegetables, a fruit (bara or apple, tomato), tea cup (diet Coke can also be) 3, evening: the dinner menu is prepared by yourself, but the prohibition of eating starch and meat is usually implemented in 5 days to lose 6 kilograms, but at least 2500-3000cc of water every day.


NO.5 (honey weight loss method) 1, the first day: only drink honey (can make tea) 2, the second three days: normal diet (but can not binge) 3, the fourth day: only drink honey 4, the fifth day: normal diet usually a week down to 3-4 kg, if you really can not stand fast food can use a meal every day only drink honey


Food money can drink a cup of lotus leaf tea, its rich lotus leaf alkali can play the role of oil rejection, help reduce appetite, in addition, it can also isolate intestinal fat, reduce fat absorption, often drink, can assist in weight loss.