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West Green one day tour guide.

2018-02-23 19:12:00

To say that there are more places to play, say less, so suitable for the elderly and children, Liuxiangu scenic spot can be counted as one, because there is no need to travel over mountains and rivers, drive to, and bus to, so it is very good here, take a weekend time, the weather is sunny and not stuffy, go here to play. West green one day tour guide offered.






Park to Deming Ancient Town. After parking the car in the parking lot, the first thing you go into is Deming ancient Town, which is a building with a traditional atmosphere, the kind of house eaves are very ancient, feel the local ancient culture, there is also a Pu Zhen wine next to it, if you live here at night, it also has a very nice night scene, and then walk forward there is a college, feeling as if you have entered a long time ago. It's wonderful to hear the sound of people reading here.


And then to Willow Valley. Along the road, there are road signs, above will show Liuxiangu three words, along the road signs to the front is Liuxiangu, which is most of the ancient town and beautiful scenery and a small river, there are small rooms beside it, one of the rooms is the kind of marriage house, written marriage, very ancient feeling, jubilant.


Eat delicious food in there for lunch. There are a lot of food in the ancient town, one of which is called a root of noodles, that is, a root of noodles, constantly, there is a boss mother's technique is very skilled, throw a root of noodles into the pot, and there are people playing music next to it, I do not know whether it is a video or external music, very good with this scene, very fun, it looks very good to eat.


After dinner to Yihe sightseeing park. When you see a big windmill to also he sightseeing garden, here is a place to enjoy the scenery to enjoy the flowers, flowers open, wooden windmill in the river, flowers on both sides of the colorful, very good-looking, in this comfortable scenery inside, the mood is particularly good, if there is time to climb the top of the Great Wall, not high.


Go to the water park in the afternoon to play water. Water park opened these days, so it may feel more people, and many facilities are also very new, although the sun is very hot, but play water will not be so hot, there are crazy speakers very fun, as long as there is a ticket to play all the items inside, big speakers need four people to play together.


Play in the water and watch the show. See a large-scale stage play. Water screen image stage play in the water park here, about seven o 'clock in the evening began, night fell, and then beautiful people fly over, slowly landing, are all used to drop Wiya, but can not see, as if the fairy really came to earth, very good looking, and good music sounded, the two complement each other, can be called a perfect.

Matters needing attention

Play according to how much exercise you get.