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Western restaurant noodle decoration decoration design points

2018-02-22 01:36:00

In the process of decoration, western restaurants should not only pay attention to creating a good dining atmosphere, but also enhance the customer experience from the details. Western restaurant design mainly has the following six points:


First, design style. Western restaurants in China are mainly French and Italian. The style difference between Chinese restaurant and Western restaurant is mainly due to the difference of culture and dining environment. The dining table design of the western restaurant is mostly rectangular, the number of diners is 2-6 people, and the table is placed with flowers and candles, which makes the dining environment very romantic and warm.


Second, spatial layout. The layout of the western restaurant is also very regular, most of the restaurant will be placed bar counters and pianos, dining and drinking wine is also a major feature of the western restaurant, Western restaurants pay attention to the privacy of the space, so between the table and the table will use carved glass or the back of the sofa to create a very obvious dining unit.


Third, modeling details. The style of western restaurant is roughly divided into European ancient typical and European simplified architecture. Each detail, line Angle, column type and arch are the three most widely used decorative details in western restaurants. Combining and matching can form different design styles.


Fourth, furniture style. Tables and chairs are the main furniture in western restaurants. Because the table is covered by the tablecloth, there are not many requirements, and the dining chair as the main visual element is more strict. The shape of the dining chair is generally relatively simple, without too many complicated decorations. Importantly, the backrest and cushion of the dining chair need to use the same fabric as the sofa, which has achieved the purpose of visual unity. And those with large areas of intricate decoration French seats are generally only used in some luxury rooms.


Fifth, lighting fixtures. There are mainly three kinds of lamps commonly used in western restaurants: classical crystal lamps commonly used in the ceiling, iron cast lamps and reflective wall lamps commonly used in the wall, and courtyard lights combined with green belts. In general, the lighting of western restaurants requires soft light, avoid direct light, and create light and dark changes combined with the overall private design of the restaurant.


Sixth, decorative style. The decoration of western restaurants cannot be separated from the embellishment of western artworks and decorative patterns, and the size and number of decorations are determined according to the actual space size of the restaurant. Some operators mistakenly believe that the more decorations and decorative patterns, the more gorgeous the restaurant. In fact, anything must grasp a degree, otherwise it is too much. The decorations of western restaurants are mainly divided into the following categories: sculpture, Western painting, European and American handicrafts, daily necessities and traditional weapons and natural style decorative patterns.