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What are some common mistakes international students make?

2018-02-18 14:24:00

Many international students just arrived abroad, very excited, prone to make a lot of mistakes, endless participation in various parties, unwilling to do as the Romans do, to foreigners to play Chinese humor jokes, and even lack of legal awareness. What are the other common mistakes?


There are a lot of students like to mess up English names. Give yourself a pet name, feel cute, foreigners think it is a pet; Or name with candy, fruit name, it is easy to make foreigners think you are very stupid oh. Please give yourself a suitable English name, the name is your personal image representative oh.


Some students cheat in exams and find someone to write their essays for them. In foreign countries, cheating and plagiarism are of the same nature, so there are many scandals of international students being dropped out, in order to cheat their parents, to find a fake diploma to get a fake diploma.


Some international students make skipping classes a common occurrence. Taking Mom and Dad's hard-earned money and going missing abroad. Not attending classes is usually because they don't understand, or are too lazy to go, or have too many parties, etc. Please remember that studying abroad is about learning, and you must be successful.


Some students are reluctant to leave the Chinese community. Out of foreign countries, usually know a part of the Chinese people, with the passage of time, must go out of the Chinese circle, scholars and local exchanges. It was difficult at first, feeling that I had nothing in common with them, but if I didn't integrate into the local society, I would never learn the native language and culture.


Some students stay in rented rooms abroad and do not contact people outside. Staying in a rented house for a long time, it is easy to slowly produce autistic psychology. A person alone outside, the feeling of loneliness and helplessness is very strong, what things have to find their own way to deal with. Be sure to gradually challenge yourself and slowly build up confidence.


Some international students are very serious about comparison. For international students with poor families, it is difficult to accept watching rich students drive luxury cars, live in luxury homes, and spend money like dirt. In order to obtain material life that does not match their own, some people do not hesitate to go astray by means, which is a great pity.

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