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What are some fun games?

2018-03-17 17:36:00

We will take it when we go there, and when we are bored, we will take it out to read the news, watch TV or play a small game to kill time and relax. The following small series to recommend you a few popular small games;


Online game account and password


First of all, I recommend a very popular small game, suitable for adults, children, men and women. Very popular with today's young people, no time will take out to play two, that is, King of Glory, there are a variety of hero roles can choose, have their own equipment, skin, etc., you can also recharge to buy some skills and so on;


The second is the new jump out of the small game, is to jump grid, looks very simple, a little inattentive, too much force or too small to lose. A casual small game, there are many people are playing, not difficult;


Happy landlord small game, this one came out earlier, but also loved. It is to fight landlords on the Internet, to pastime some boring time, very simple;


Every day love to eliminate small games, is a variety of fruits or animals together and then more than 3 can be eliminated, there are many levels, the difficulty of each level is improving. It has a certain challenge, it is still good to take out to play when bored, this small game is also more hot;


Jedi Survival recently a new fire game, is a competitive game, a line by many young people love.

Matters needing attention

Above is a few more fire games, we usually pay attention to the game for a long time, so as not to the eyes are bad;