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What are the best games to play on a low-profile computer?

2018-02-20 17:36:00

Low-end master machine Gospel




The speed of electronic updates is mind-bogglingly fast, and even though most PC users already have a decent computer in their hands, most games can be played with an I5, I7, or GT750TI graphics card.


But it has to be said that there are still a lot of low-end computers, they use the core display, 2GB memory, dual-core CPU can go on the network, chat, then what games can you play? Here is what I recommend to you.


A turn-based game. This kind of game has almost no requirements for configuration, even if it is a turn-based online game with a good screen, it does not eat configuration at all, and almost no scrapped computers can be moved. Perfect for entertainment.


The previous blockbuster game, Diablo II, was meant to be a time-killing device for older computers. Most low-end computers can be carried. Maybe some will run for a long time and spend the screen, it doesn't matter, press AIL+TAB to switch out and then cut back.


Red Alert 2 (National Light and Yuri's Revenge), the former instant war strategy masterpiece, still has many players in the network against the battle platform.


Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne. This was a milestone game, which gave birth to DOTA, and later appeared Dota 2, LOL and other online games that are now popular around the world.


CS1.5 &1.6 low-end machines are likely to crash due to too many bots. Is currently I think shooting feel, confrontational. The strongest shooting game family - CS series, the current CS: GO still dominates the throne of the e-sports shooting class. After a good computer can try!


Age of Empires II. Similar to the red alert gameplay, build, produce, build an army, start a house a few farmers, the territory depends on playing. This game is currently low-end computers to eat, and a game down almost 1 hour or so, is very demon, time terminator, is a good old game.