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What are the children's intellectual toys

2018-03-28 01:36:12

Children's development of intellectual toys can promote the baby's intellectual development, a you teacher in real life will also buy their own baby some small toys to develop intelligence, for the common toys, I summarized a part of the hope for parents is helpful, later, I will also be in a you teacher blog to share this article, thank you for your attention.


Ringing rings: As young as 3 months old, babies can play with a ringing ring in one hand, and they begin to experiment with the effects of touch, feeling, sight or taste. Feel how your hand feels, look at the colors of the toy with your eyes, and taste the taste of the toy with your mouth.


Balls: 6-month-old babies are interested in anything that can move. They are most attracted to colored balls that can roll. They will roll forward when they push the ball with their hands.


Building blocks: 8 months old babies have made a lot of discoveries, they have known toys, furniture and other appliances, they understand that some objects are soft, some are hard, some are angular, some are round. With blocks, babies begin to use both hands, learning that two blocks make a noise when they touch, that one on top of the other is taller than the other, and that they can be stacked into many different shapes.


Multiple shape box: This is a toy used to train children to observe the shape of objects, through this toy, children can recognize a shape of the opening only allow the same shape of objects through. Let children understand the different shapes of daily necessities through toys, and this type of toy is more suitable for infants and young children of 18 months.


Play with sand: All children love to play with sand and water, and after 18 months, children have learned that they can't just put anything into their mouths, and then they can play with sand. Provide a variety of small tools, such as small shovels, small rakes, small buckets, etc., so that children can play the creative ability to pile sand into various shapes.


Doll: By the age of two, children are beginning to show personality, when they are able to express their likes and dislikes. At this point, they need a doll toy. With dolls, especially girls, they can treat them as their mothers treat themselves, washing, dressing, feeding, praising and scolding them.


Cup stacking: For a two-year-old child, cup stacking toys are the most changeable game, which can be folded into a tower, and can be shrunk into a single cup, and small blocks or other small east can be found in the cup stacking. Through these games, children can learn that something is not visible to the eye, but it is real.


Picture books: Two-year-old children already know a lot of objects through the eyes, mouth, and hands, if you can find the objects you know in picture books, it is how much fun ah! Of course, parents can also teach children to know more things through picture books. This kind of painting is of course simple lines, bright colors, at a glance can recognize what is.


Toy car: By the end of two years, children can basically control all parts of their body, can drive a "small car", can drive fast, slow, and can also ride a "big horse". If the "car" can also carry some of their own small toys, and they can act as a transport driver, it is really a lot of fun.


Pulling animal toys: Young children pulling a walking "animal" will make them fascinated, and they will slowly understand that this string has such a pulling power, which is more enlightening than those electric toy cars with dry batteries.

Matters needing attention

Of course, there are many kinds of baby educational toys, what music box ah, ah and so on, but the teacher should remind parents that it is best not to buy toys for the baby that are easy to swallow into the throat, glass balls and so on.


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