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What are the classic and beautiful movies

2018-03-25 04:48:33

A good movie can bring people a lot of good experience, not only can let us increase our knowledge, but also can enrich our vision, so that we can know more about the world, increase our emotional intelligence, the following with you to share the classic good movie what it is


We can see from the movie Shawshank Redemption that the first is hope, because a tunnel has been dug for decades, and only with a small hammer, and the second is the importance of freedom, as long as you insist that it will always be waiting for you


Forrest Gump is recommending this film to everyone, because this film shows some problems of the American society at that time from various aspects, and Forrest Gump's attitude towards life tells us that life is like a box of chocolates


This page is based on experience


Farewell My Concubine This film is the peak of brother's acting, the performance of the various inner activities of the characters in the play and what they want to show the audience, it is worth watching


This film is a Hong Kong gangster film in the late 1990s, the whole film tells the story of a person from the bottom of the people all the way to the drug tycoon of that era is worth watching, and the portrayal of the characters is also very representative of that era


Avatar this film opened a film type era, promote the development of the film, and the film inside the plot and characters are portrayed in very detailed, the world view is also very grand, I suggest you can see


Uncle Zombie is the best zombie movie since Lin Zhengying, the whole movie is tight, the characters are drawn, and most importantly, the zombie genre is hot again