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What are the clothing brands that start with S

2018-03-20 19:12:16

1, Snidel Japan VIVI magazine popular girl's first brand SNIDEL. Good at mixing various elements to create a girl's sweet personality style, snidel introduces styles and popular elements from a variety of perspectives, and freely displays the fashion world of Japanese women. 2. Season windSeason wind, a holding company listed in Singapore, originated from South Korea and was born in the winter of 2001 in Seoul. season wind Global Design is the artistic director of a senior French designer. With his understanding of fashion, Season Wind has controlled the design of many famous European brands. 3. StussyStussy (Chinese for Stussy) is a trend brand originating from the United States. Founded by Shawn Stussy, Stussy added the design of skateboard clothes, work clothes, and old school uniforms to Stussy's clothing design, forming a different style of street clothing. The popular is like a rebel, the rebel is the classic, but after a period of time, the popular will be transformed into the new classic. Supreme (American clothing brand) Supreme was born in the fall of 1994 in Manhattan, New York, United States, founded by James Jebbia. supreme is an American streetwear brand that combines skateboarding, Hip-hop and other cultures and focuses on skateboarding. The original intention of Supreme is the highest and supreme. James Jebbia's Supreme products take the newly emerging skateboarding movement in New York as the main axis, attracting many famous skateboarders and street artists to meet with Supreme. Gradually, Supreme has become a street trend brand representing New York street culture, especially skateboard culture. Sixty eight is a well-known French brand. It is very popular among young women for its unique style and bright colors. In China, the improved Sixty Eight, in addition to retaining its characteristics, but also improved the version type, more suitable for Chinese women, there are more and more advocating nature, the pursuit of self girls, to join the team of 68, 68 also has noromeo and olingerie two cards. Reference source: Encyclopedia -Snidel Reference source: Encyclopedia -Season wind Reference source: Encyclopedia -Stussy Reference source: Encyclopedia -Supreme Reference source: Encyclopedia -Sixty eight