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What are the creative programs of the annual meeting

2018-03-30 08:00:56

One or two months before the Spring Festival, it is the stage of preparation for each annual meeting program. Each annual meeting has its own characteristics, but at the same time, it has a purpose to recognize outstanding employees and promote corporate culture. In order to put on a creative party, all departments are working hard to win the best program. Today Xiaobian will take stock of the annual meeting creative programs for everyone. If you have the talent to perform on stage oh!


As the opening program of the annual meeting, it must be a hot song and dance that can drive the atmosphere, especially dance, as the opening program, can always drive the atmosphere of the venue. This year can jump more popular, but also with interesting dance, on the fire of the net red dance.


Classic songs, is also a classic show. May wish to string together some classic songs, so as to remind everyone of the good memories of the youth, this is a classic of the annual meeting program, but also the least cost of everyone's time and energy. When we choose classic songs, we try to combine the colleagues who are familiar with them, so that we sing together in the annual meeting program, the scene is also very spectacular.


Comic sketches and crosstalk are indispensable programs every year. The language program is the audience like to see, no matter how the performance, the scene effect is always not bad to where. Especially crosstalk, if you can say a crosstalk, then it is also quite creative. Because there are really not many people who can speak crosstalk, which requires a certain amount of skills. If you can say yes, that is a winning formula.


Creative dance. Some laser dance, hand shadow dance, etc. Use special props to produce fluorescent effect in the dark scene, with the warm music that sets off the New Year atmosphere, in the background music without dialogue lines, changing a variety of patterns and the world. It is also possible to rehearse simple dance movements and perform in a novel and unique form.


Creative magic. Do you remember the 2018 Spring Festival Gala Jay Chou and the magician brought the magic version of "Confession balloon"? It can be said that the creative magic brought cool visual effects to the audience, which opened the audience's eyes.


Fashion show red carpet show. According to the standards of major film festivals, employees are required to dress up for the red carpet. The purpose of this program is to let employees put the star addiction, put their most beautiful side in front of colleagues, enjoy the feeling of attention, is a good way to enhance personal confidence.


Musical instrument performance. It is also a good program to invite talented colleagues and staff to perform various skillful Musical Instruments. The collision of various Chinese and Western Musical Instruments can be more creative, bring unexpected effects, and let everyone have a deeper sense of identity with their colleagues.

Matters needing attention

The annual meeting should pay attention to the program order arrangement, should be reasonable.


The interaction of the host is also very important