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What are the dangers of early sex in teenagers?

2018-04-23 06:24:18

During the adolescent transition period, the body gradually matures, the reproductive organs and sexual functions tend to be more mature and perfect, and the problem of sex will be more concerned. It is normal for adolescents to have sexual impulses and needs, but sexual behavior is a behavior with consequences, and adolescents are not yet mature psychologically and socially, and are not capable of bearing the responsibilities and obligations that sexual behavior may bring.


Dermatology, venereology, sexology


How many teenagers produce early sexual behavior: psychological tension, anxiety, depression, emotional panic, mental anxiety, criminal feeling.


Premature sexual behavior, because of the lack of sexual knowledge, do not understand the prevention and control measures are easy to cause: sexually transmitted diseases, AIDS.


Early sexual behavior causes psychological guilt for young people's work and study. Produce thought points difference, gradually lead to unintentional learning, and even drop out of school.


Early sex can lead to unwanted pregnancy, and both parties are in fear; Choosing artificial abortion is easy to cause gynecological infection and lead to complications of infertility.


Premature sexual behavior will cause the psychology of choosing a spouse after adulthood and comparing spouses after marriage, which will have a certain shadow in later life. Add guilt to your life.