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What are the delicious snacks in the street

2018-03-24 08:00:27

Also known as Spring City, is one of the most popular tourist destinations for many tourists, in addition to the beautiful Daming Lake and URI, street snacks are also attracting the attention of many foodies, so what food is worth us to try on the street? The following Xiaobian will give you a simple introduction.


First of all, the first one to recommend is the national football stinky tofu, many people are attracted to come, but also a relatively image of the name, of course, its own stinky tofu is also enough to eat.


Secondly, spring roast chicken feet, chicken feet are very crisp meat delicious, eat very chewy and feel, is also the first choice for many foodies.


The street jade fish fresh thick fish soup powder is also a network red, the signature of this is fish soup powder, milk white fish soup, tender fish, very appetising.


Hong Kong good Wonton noodles is also more famous on the street, mainly some Hong Kong taste, or very authentic, like the small partners can also try to try.


If you want to eat pot stickers and Sheng Jian Bao in the street, then recommend you to go to Chenghuang Temple Sheng Jian, thin skin filling, very delicious.


Of course, there are many special snacks on the street, including fried bananas, big squid, etc., those who like food must not miss it.

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