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What are the differences between clear package, full package and half package?

2018-01-05 09:36:00

Cleaning package: also called cleaning package, refers to the owner to buy all the materials, looking for decoration or decoration team to construct a project contracting method. Due to the wide variety of materials and prices vary greatly, some people worry that others may benefit from buying materials, so some decoration households use their own materials and only guarantee the decoration of workers.


The benefits of cleaning engineering, also known as cleaning, refers to the owner's own procurement of all materials, looking for internal decoration or team construction of the project contracting method.


Full contract engineering benefits are also known as contract materials. Construction personnel are responsible for the procurement and construction of all materials. Its advantage is to save time, save trouble, ease, clear the right to blame. Because all materials are responsible, once the quality of the interior decoration problems occur, the responsibility of the interior decoration is inevitable.


The benefits of the half-package project are a way between the clean package and the half-package. The construction side is responsible for the procurement of construction and auxiliary materials, and the main materials are purchased by the owner. The advantage is that the main materials with higher value can be purchased by themselves to control the bulk of the cost, and the owners of the miscellaneous materials with lower value are not easy to get clear, and the procurement by the construction side is more worry free.


Due to the variety of materials and the large price difference, some people worry that others may obtain benefits from purchasing materials, and some people worry that using their own materials is only responsible for the transformation of cleaners.


Full contract project disadvantages Full contract project cost is high, and because of the current interior decoration market, many companies lack honesty. Due to the complex price and material types, the decoration industry does not know. Once the interior upholstery inflated the price, or cheated the owner in conjunction with the material supplier, it was difficult to identify.


Choose half package clear package, bother in front, rest assured in the back; All package, worry in front, worry in the back, half package, impartial middle way. It can be seen that there are both cleaning workers and packing materials. If you know more about the decoration, and have the time and energy, then the contract is undoubtedly a good way; But if you know little about the decoration, the decoration you are looking for is very regular, you can trust, then, the contract material is saving worry and effort, is your best choice.


Summary half the package needs to be very careful to take care of themselves, but I am still more inclined to half the package, their own tired but can change a satisfied and safe home.