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What are the few things you've said to your child that your child will appreciate?

2018-03-17 04:48:52

Children in the process of growing up, there will be happiness, there will be pain and confusion, many times the child is able to untie the knot, through difficulties, smooth growth, relying on the parents once said to him some words, what are these words?


Son, not everyone likes you. From the day you were born, you come into contact with all kinds of people, and each person's preferences, cultivation, and personality are different. People may not like you for any number of reasons, and you must recognize this fact. But this is not a bad thing, you don't have to deny yourself, as long as you insist on doing the right thing, be a good and honest person, some people will change their attitude toward you, and those who don't like you as always, you will stay away, they are probably not good people.


Say thank you a lot, son. No one around you, including your parents, is obligated to help you, take care of you, or tolerate you. Parents give you life, which is already the greatest favor for you. So when others help you, must seriously say thank you, otherwise there will be no second time, when others do not want to help you, do not hold grudges, because they have no obligation to help you, and what have you done for them?


Kid, learning really isn't for me. Why I have been urging you to read and study, because only learning can distinguish right from wrong, not be deceived by evil people, not be affected by superficial people thinking, only you get good grades you can be eligible to choose a job you like, to have free time to do what you like, not to survive to aggrieved themselves, busy life.


Son, life is precious. Because you are still young, life and death these things have not been experienced, and to the age of parents, friends around have gone first, watching the premature death of peers, is a very sad and scary thing. So when you are the most helpless, the most painful and the most lonely, you have to choose to live strongly, your life is given by your parents, you have no right to give up.


Come home often, son. As you grow up day by day, your sky will become wider and wider, and your parents will be happy for this, but unlike you, our sky will become narrower and narrower as our parents get older, so every parent is very contradictory, hoping that their children can soar and accompany them, so no matter how busy you are, please take time to come home and see if you can cook a meal for you. It is also our great joy.


Child, love is greater than you think, but it is also very ordinary. One day you will be interested in the opposite sex, you this is called love, but love is based on mutual pay, understanding, support, love will always be implemented to the life of fuel, rice, oil and salt, teenage age can not afford any responsibility, it can not give anyone happiness, so don't do something to steal forbidden fruit, it is not good for anyone.


Look at the unfairness of life, son. Society is full of competition and injustice, don't worry too much about these, and strive to improve themselves is a reliable thing. You need not be ashamed that our house is not as good as your neighbor's, because Mom and Dad are the owners of our house now, and you need not be proud that it is better than your neighbor's, because it has little to do with you. If you are at a disadvantage, complaining about the society all day long will kill your will, will suffer more injustice, if you are in the advantage, showing off all day will blind your eyes, afraid that one day you will degenerate into someone who is looked down upon by others.


Son, keep your nose clean at all times. On any occasion, do not indulge yourself, whether it is spiritual or physical, to have their own firm principle of the bottom line, some bad habits, never touch, for girls this is particularly important, an indulgence, often in exchange for a lifetime of misfortune.


Kid, money is important, but some things are more important. Money is very important, a poor person, almost because of money can not enjoy dignity, family, education, health, etc., but the gentleman love to get the right way, those by stealing, cheating to get the method, you do not try once.


Son, everything depends on yourself. Backer mountain will fall, rely on everyone will run, only you are the most reliable. Few colleagues will really help you, parents will be old, can not accompany you for a lifetime, brothers and sisters will have their own family, their own big business, even your children will leave you sooner or later to start a family, so you must have your own hobbies, have a healthy body, and go happily to the end.

Matters needing attention

These ten words often said to children can change the child's attitude to life.