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What are the good Japanese anime and plot analysis (2)

2018-03-15 06:24:00

I introduced some Japanese anime movies to you before, now I recommend some new classic Japanese anime...


Japanese anime, WiFi


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Then introduced is the magic card girl Sakura, the magic card girl Sakura is a small series of favorite girl animation, lovely know the world, lively Sakura, greedy Xiao can, gentle moon rabbit, strict brother and gentle father, capricious Xiao Ming together constituted Sakura's life, in the process of looking for Kuluo card, Sakura learned to love and guard, but also learned how to love and grow up, Sakura becomes a qualified guardian of the Kuro card and a qualified patron saint of love and hope.


The second is the magic quick fight, in order to meet the audience on the detective Conan in the strange thief Kidd life spy psychology, the detective Conan animation production launched the "Magic Quick fight" animation version, the play fast fight life at a glance - the surface of the magic master, is actually the thief's father, like to travel around the world mother, fun companion and classmate green son, As well as the famous detective Conan who can meet every time they steal gems, and Aoko's father, as a police officer, Yinzo Nakamori. The play almost set to carry out the "moonlight magician" strange thief Kidd magic theft show, which fast and Aoko Nakamori emotional line is also a big point of view, in short, do not miss, like His Highness Kidd comic fans.


Finally, Natsume friend account, Natsume friend account series is a love of manga fans of the Gospel, the play mainly tells a high school student who can see monsters - Natsume, inadvertently destroyed the shrine seal of monsters - "ban" after a series of stories, Natsume and into a cat "Ban" live together, The names of the monsters recorded in the "Summer friend Account" left by Summer's grandmother, Summer's Suzuko, are returned to the monsters one by one. In the play, there is the beautiful love of the monsters and the kindness of Summer's eyes, and the gluttony of the cat teacher, which is a "daily life between me and the monsters".