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What are the good variety shows

2018-03-30 09:36:07

Variety emerge in an endless stream, to stand out from a variety of dazzling programs is really not so easy, Xiaobian to recommend you a few beautiful and meaningful variety.




Longing for life: Recently saw the second season, feel surprisingly good, better than the previous season. The recording location chosen this time is really a mountain show, allowing people to immerse themselves in nature. Every time I see the delicious food on teacher Huang Lei's tongue, I can't help but want to eat. He teacher and Huang Lei teacher in the program is really two big parents, wisdom and fun, the new addition of Peng Peng and Dahua became a good brother, blood and funny. The guests invited by the program are also very interesting, and the most recent one is Zhang Jie. They also talk about some feelings and perceptions after the meal, and feel that they can learn some positive energy from it.


Ace to ace: This variety is a good variety, the show will invite some guests each episode, most of them are to create a classic screen image. The resident MC has young representatives Wang Yuan and Ouyang Nana, and the comedian has Jia Ling and Shen Teng, which is a very good ace family. Every time after seeing the classic scenes re-put on the stage, there is a feeling of The Times.


Mother is Superman: I prefer the third season, to watch this variety, unconsciously will feel that those small friends are cute, from the process of star mothers with children, can learn some ways to educate children. I think it is a great experience to learn something from the variety show.


Extreme challenge: This variety show should be loved by the public, extremely pick is really very beautiful ah! There is no reason to feel that the men are humorous, sometimes revealing admirable wisdom, from the first season to the current fourth season, have not let the audience down.


Running brother: I personally prefer to see the link with the tear name tag, tension and stimulation, physical and mental dual contest. Overall, the show is humorous and funny, but it also spreads positive energy every moment and is worth watching.


Obvious big detective: This is a mental contest, simulated cases, need players to find out the murderer, the interlocking reasoning can show the wisdom of the players. And from the back, in order to show the visual effects of the case, the program team restores the process of the case, so that the audience seems to understand more.