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What are the hidden truths about the armpit?

2018-01-13 09:36:00

The buds that appear at the junction of the leaf and stalk of the plant are called "axillary buds". Axillary also refers to the fox underarm fur. The idiom "armpit makes fur" means: although the fur under the armpit of the fox is very small, it can be sewn into a leather robe when gathered together, which is used to describe the accumulation of small things. In the ancient poetry, the so-called "only the two armpits of the mind are accustomed to the breeze" also refers to the fur of the underarm of the animal. From an anatomical point of view, the armpit is rich in adipose tissue and has important nerves and blood that innervate the upper limb. There are also lymph nodes in the fossa, where the upper limbs, the chest wall, and the superficial layer of the back gather. If there is inflammation or even cancer in these parts. The axillary lymph nodes often swell up, so usually check the status of the axillary lymph nodes, there is the significance of early detection of lesions for early treatment. Researchers believe that often self-pinch armpit, can play the role of relaxing muscles and promoting blood, regulating qi and blood, strengthening the body against aging. Specifically, it can promote the flow of blood through the whole body, improve the ability of gas exchange, so that the body can get more nutrients and oxygen; Second, it can enhance the function of many organs and improve the metabolic capacity of the body; Three can stimulate various sensory organs to make them more sensitive to the outside world. The method of kneading is: cross the left and right arms in front of the chest, press the right armpit with the left hand, press the left armpit with the right hand, massage the finger moderately, force should not be heavy, and press the kneading for about 3 minutes each time. It's best to press once in the morning and once in the evening. There is a acupuncture point at the apex artery of the armpit, the "pole spring". Traditional Chinese medicine believes that acupuncture or massage Jiquan point has the effect of preventing and treating heart disease, shoulder periarthritis, breast disease, etc. If someone tickles your armpit or underarm with their fingers, the person being touched will often laugh uncontrollably. Why do people laugh when they're tickled? This seemingly trivial matter has led many celebrities to discuss it. The ancient Greek philosopher Socrates believed that the feeling of being tickled is both pleasant and painful. British Bacon said: even in unpleasant mood, as long as the tickled will laugh. Darwin's point was that chuckling also requires a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere, and that the reaction to the tickling of an enemy is different from that of a friend. According to research, babies start laughing from tickling at around 6 months of age. The baby's laughter in turn infects the adult, thus strengthening the parent-child bond. Adult tickling may also make people laugh, and laughter can lead to "armpit movement", which is generally healthy, but the tickling time should be short, otherwise it will cause pain. Legend has it that one form of punishment in medieval Europe was to tickle a person for a long time until he was tortured to death. It can be seen that there is usually no pleasure in being tickled, otherwise, people would voluntarily ask relatives and friends to tickle themselves. The magic of "underarm birth" and "underarm (underside) birth" this sentence, often heard people talk about when they were young. When adults play with children, they often say, "You were born in your armpits." Everyone knows that the fetus grows in the womb and comes into the world through the birth canal. However, records at all times and at home and abroad show that babies are indeed born from "abnormal channels". Take liver pregnancy as an example, there have been several cases reported in recent years, such as,, and Taiwan. The British "Times" reported that a pregnant woman in Cape Town, South Africa, gave birth to an ectopic fetus implanted in the liver. The baby girl born by caesarean section was named Enlala, which means "lucky." The international fertility community exclaimed: The mother's survival after nine months of pregnancy is a once-in-a-millennium medical miracle. Can be even more bizarre, that I am afraid even the legend of underarm (side) birth. It is said that the famous ancient thinker Laozi was "born from the left armpit of the mother" (according to the book "Yuzhitang Talk Hui"). Besides celebrities, there are also many ordinary people who have this adventure, such as "Minma's woman gave birth to herself, and her mother is safe." The child also grows." "Later Wei, Su Zong Xiping two years, and Zhou Han monk true female, from the mother right side out, Empress Dowager Hu ordered to pay ye court to keep it." If such accounts are simplistic, they are more convincing. Wenlin, the author of Lang Man Copy, said: in the Ming Dynasty Chenghua years. "A woman gave birth to a son under her own skin." He himself has personally "summoned". He said the boy was 8 years old at the time, his name was Buddha Ji 'er, and he was Huang's nephew. The child "looks quite aboveboard, a mole on the nose, black and large." The book also records that the child's mother was "swollen like a carbuncle" during pregnancy, and after birth, "the eye has been flat." Although we find it hard to believe that the "underarm (underarm) birth" is true or false, we cannot regard it as a fabrication out of nothing, so we record this as a preparation. After all, ectopic pregnancy does exist. However, the armpit is also a weak part of the human body after all, so the legendary flood dragon would suck human blood there. The Song Dynasty's "Moke Waving rhino" says: "The shape of a jiao is like a snake, its head is like a tiger, and its elders are as long as several zhangs... See people first with fishy saliva around, both falling into the water. I suck its blood under my arm, and the blood stops." Treat armpit hair well When people reach the puberty period, whether they are men or women, they will produce armpit hair in their armpits. Axillary hair is a second sex characteristic, which can make the opposite sex play a visual stimulation role. Physiologically, it has a certain function of protecting the skin; The "isolation effect" of the armpit hair can reduce the friction of the underarm skin during the movement of the upper arm and shoulder joints. All organs and appendages of the human body are useful, and armpit hair is no exception. Some actors remove their armpit hair, which is necessary for the performance on the stage. That is a special case, and ordinary people do not need to do so. Some young women think that armpit hair is very unsightly, always trying to "pluck" them, is inappropriate, we should treat armpit hair. And you don't have to bare your shoulders. Does Yang Guifei have armpit odor Yang Guifei is a beauty in history, and there are many stories and legends about her. One of them is that she takes a good bath, and the poem "water is smooth to wash the condensate" seems to be proof. Once said that Yang Guifei has body odor, so often fragrant soup bath to its taste. Is there any evidence for this? Still waiting for verification. However, body odor is an unpleasant problem. A Qing Dynasty book called "Time at Leisure" said: "Man's armpits stink of vulgar clouds. Tang Dynasty scholar Cui Lingqin's" Jiao Fang Ji "calls them" unobtrusive." Directly her body smells, and directly her body smells like her armpits. Because women's axillary apocrine glands are more developed, they suffer from armpit odor more than men. If during menstruation, pregnancy, the smell is even worse. White women have more armpit odor, which is one of the reasons why they tend to wear perfume. Armpit odor is hereditary. If one parent has armpit odor, 30% to 50% of their children also have armpit odor. Bromhidrosis is treatable, and the treatment methods include surgical resection, anhydrous alcohol injection, high-frequency electroacupuncture treatment, laser cautery, etc., but these programs have certain risks, so pay attention to personal hygiene, frequent bathing, frequent change of clothes, and keep the skin clean and dry should be the first choice. Plus, warm, moist armpits are a welcoming home for microbes, which can worsen armpit odor. Keeping it clean will help reduce bad odors. Dr. Ai Ye of the United Kingdom claimed that patients with body odor are metabolic problems, in addition to treatment, pay attention to diet is also beneficial to reduce symptoms. His advice: Patients should eat less fish, eggs, liver, soybeans, peas and other foods. There are many simple ways to reduce armpit odor, such as: smear the armpit with toothpaste twice a day: bake with cotton wool and dip in baking soda powder to wipe the armpit: first wash the armpit with a hot water bag, and then rub it with fresh ginger several times. Patients may want to try it. Here's the funny thing. There's something about armpit odor. Some researchers in the United States have found that women can smell the odor of men's armpits. Can make their menstrual cycle normal; If a woman smells a woman's armpit odor, her menstrual cycle can also synchronize with that of a woman with armpit odor, and it can also promote ovulation. It seems that the frowning armpit odor is actually a useful friend for some women. Not so much, with age, armpit odor will gradually reduce and disappear. Don't worry too much if you have armpit odor.