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What are the interesting places in summer and winter?

2018-03-15 01:36:01

Xiao Bian focuses on recommending the Shikongzhai tourist attraction, located in Yanyang Village, Liuche Town, take the high speed to the south (Liuche exit), exit to the scenic spot 15 kilometers.


Choose rafting, do not stay overnight also need to bring a set of clean clothes, because the rafting process can not avoid the whole body wet, Xiaobo recommends that the skin is relatively white and tender friends drift wearing long clothes, because after a long time of rafting, the skin is exposed to direct sunlight after water, will inevitably be seriously sunburned, and the surface reflection is also easy to cause skin damage, Choose quick-drying fabrics of clothing, you can use the power of sunlight and wind in the gentle area of small waves, as soon as possible to restore dry clothes, so that the skin is less tortured;


If you decide to go to the century-old village to play, you must wear sneakers or hiking shoes, because it is a mountain road, so if you wear high heels or leather shoes, it is easy to step on or slip;


Shikongzhai Tourist Scenic Spot is located in provinces, cities and counties, about 1 hour and 40 minutes from the city. At present, the nearest journey: city → intersection →G206 National Highway → County →G35 Jiguang Expressway (under the toll station) → Yanshan Line G206→X401→ Three fork road take Liulong Highway →X482→ Arrive at the scenic spot. About 3 hours' drive from the city: City → Xia-Rong Expressway → Xquan Expressway →G35 Jiguang Expressway (under toll station) → Yanshan Line G206→X401→ Sanzhan Road take Liulong Highway →X482→ Reach the scenic spot About 2 hours and 50 minutes' drive from the city: City → Xia-Rong Expressway → Chang-Shen Expressway → Xunquan Expressway →G35 Jiguang Expressway (under toll station) → Yanshan Line G206→X401→ Three fork Road take Liulong Highway →X482→ Arrive at the scenic spot.


The Shikongzhai tourist area is mainly divided into two major scenic spots, namely, Lotus River Drift and century-old Village. The ticket price of Lotus River Drift is 198 RMB; Century-old village price 30 yuan [local price concessions, you can ask customer service]. Both attractions require at least two hours to visit, and the River Rafting is only open in the afternoon. Depart from home in the morning, arrive at the Shikongzhai scenic spot, first visit the century-old village, after lunch, rafting, and finally return home;


After arriving at the scenic area to park the vehicle, you can first pass the windmill corridor to the sightseeing car ride point to take the battery car. It should be explained here that the ticket of the scenic spot includes the cost of the sightseeing car, and the sightseeing car is taken at the same place to go to the ancient village and Forget the river rafting. The ancient shants of the Shikongzhai stand tall and steep on all sides, easy to defend but difficult to attack. It is said that it was originally built in the Wanli period of the Ming Dynasty, and it was an important stronghold of the green forest heroes who dominated one side and occupied the mountain as king. Later, it was restored during the Daoguang period of the Qing Dynasty and was most prosperous in the late Qing Dynasty, and later, the Red Army used it as a place to rest and fight against the Kuomintang army in the battle against encirclement and suppression. There are two gates in the Shikongzhai, one in the east, the other in the north, and the other in the south, with stone walls and stone doorframes.


Shikongzhai River Drift is the first time to travel through time and space, through the Ming Dynasty, through the mysterious water curtain cave, through the beautiful bridge where the wives gather, through the strange flowers and fruits corridor. The length of the river is 5 kilometers, in addition to the characteristics of the crossing drift, there are stimulation drift, scenic drift and leisure drift. Shikongzhai rafting is a collection of canyons, waterfalls, original vegetation, peaks and cliffs, streams as one of the rafting project, the size of the rapids fall more than 1m there are more than 10 places, rafting exciting and dangerous. Along the stream on both sides of the lush green forest, occasionally green cliff stone wall, birds singing empty valley, the stream is slow and urgent.


The stream meandered down in the canyon, and when it met the drop, the current was swift and the spray splashed, and in the flat place, the formation of a bay of clear lake, reflecting the shadow of the trees, shimmering. In the rapids, there is the thrill of surfing in the sea; In the gentle place, there is a feeling that the boat is walking in the water and people are swimming in the painting.


Xiaobian drifted for a while to the smooth water area, found that someone began to fight water. In the beginning, people who knew each other had water fights, using their hands to make a splash against each other. Later, men, women and children, do not know do not know, as long as the opportunity to fight each other, spare no effort to attack each other with water. As soon as Xiaobian drifted to them, the people who fought the water war turned to us, and they soon became drowned because they could not be prevented. The companions were neither angry nor angry, and happily responded to the battle, and suddenly the sound of water, laughter, and screaming became one.

Matters needing attention

Choose ready-to-eat foods that are easy to carry, such as chocolate. After drifting or climbing the Guzhai, you will exhaust a lot of physical strength, and you can supplement it when you feel tired


If the weather is hot, anti-heat drugs also need to be prepared, and Huoxiang Zhengqi liquid and dispelling oil are very good and convenient helpers.