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What are the most expensive watches? (10 Watches that cost more than a Ferrari)

2018-03-22 06:24:26

What is a Ferrari? Many people's answer might be: Ferrari is F1! Indeed, Ferrari is not all F1, but in the hearts of fans, it is the symbol of F1, and the speed and precision emphasized by F1 have become the essence and genes of Ferrari. With the philosophy of "technology and art balance", Ferrari, the "red mane horse", has become a different symbol of success outside the race track. The latest FF (Ferrari Four) is Ferrari's most capable and versatile four-seater to date, and the first four-wheel drive sports car in Ferrari's history. Ferrari equipped it with a newly developed 6.25-litre V12 engine, as well as a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission with a 100 km acceleration of 3.7 seconds. Taking it on the road, that's burning passion. It stopped there motionless, it is not angry. The price of 5.3 million Ferrari FF is not something that ordinary people can enjoy, but the following 10 watches on the auction floor are all more expensive than this car, which has to make people sigh that the art of time as a clock is limitless in money, there is no thought but you do not know.

The most expensive watch in the world

Patek Philippe Gold Calibre 89 Estimate: 4500000-5500000 CHF Transaction Price: 5120000 CHF (including commission) Time: 14 November 2009 The table boasts 33 amazingly complex features, including the rare calendar that can run for 28 100 years without being used for any adjustments. As Jean-Michel Piguet, curator of the International Watch Museum in Lashaudfon, said, "It shows all the complex functions one can think of in a mechanical watch." The Patek Philippe Calibre 89 pocket watch is one of the most complex portable watches in the world, with 33 complex functions and 1,728 parts. It was made in 1989 to celebrate the 150th anniversary of Patek Philippe and took nine years to develop. Its complexity exceeds that of Henry Graves Jr., a collector of vintage watches who bought Patek Philippe in 1933. Produced with 24 kinds of complex function pocket watch. This pocket watch is limited to a total of 4 pieces: gold, white gold, rose gold and platinum, each with its own characteristics. The gold was auctioned by Antiquorum in 1989; In 2004, the platinum was auctioned for 6.6 million Swiss francs. Calibre89's appeal also lies in its size: 9cm in diameter, 4cm thick and 1.1kg in weight.


Patek Philippe "Trossi Leggenda" watch Estimate: 1800000-2000000 CHF Transaction Price: 2345000 CHF (including commission) Time: On May 12, 2008, an oversized, possibly out-of-print Patek Philippe chronograph, previously owned by Scuderia Ferrari's president Carlo Felice, sold at a Sotheby's auction in Geneva. Count Trochy's personal property. The gold watch, named Trossi Leggenda, also set the highest price ever paid for a watch at Sotheby's auction. A former racing driver, Count Troch won numerous victories, large and small, during his racing career, including the 1947 Italian Grand Prix. This 46mm diameter chronograph was apparently specially chosen by Count Trosch as a common timer used in racing and flying sports to achieve accurate timing with excellent reading function. "This watch is of great symbolic and historical importance and was born in 1932 at the time of the rise of racing cars and airplanes," Sotheby's Geoffroy Ader said at a press conference before the sale. "The exceptional names Patek Philippe and Ferrari make this watch unique."


Patek Philippe Universal Time Watch Ref. 2523 HU Transaction Price: 2250500 CHF (including commission) Time: 2 April 2006 Patek Philippe's earliest Universal time watch According to data from 1937 square watch Ref. 515, movement number 12-120HU (LouisCottier invented the world time zone watch mechanism in 1935 Heures Universelles, HU)), and a circular watch with movement number 10HU Ref. 542. This was followed by 96HU, 1415HU and 1416HU in 1939. These models have only one crown, while the Ref.2523HU produced from 1953 to 1965 has a dual crown design, in which the 3-point direction crown is used to adjust the minute hand and 24 hour dial; The 9 o 'clock direction crown is used to adjust the dial engraved with the names of 41 cities in the global time zone. In 1966, Louis Cottier died, and the production of Patek Philippe's antique World time watch was put to rest. These antique World time watches are unique and valuable because they are often paired with beautiful, colorful and difficult wire enamel dials, which are often sold at high prices at famous auctions and have repeatedly achieved record prices, such as this one. Another 1939 1415HU white gold Universal Time watch is also famous, it has a drop shaped ear, wide automatic time zone turntable, in 2002 Antiquulen auction set a record of 4,026,524 US dollars.


Patek Philippe ultra complex pocket Watch Estimate: 200,000-300,000 CHF Transaction price: 2,098,500 CHF (including commission) Date: November 13, 2011 Movement No. 97443, case No. 212850, sold on November 27, 1894, 18K rose gold case, no spoon. Functions: 24 hours ask, moment ask, 5 minutes ask, calendar, timing, moon phase, month age, etc. If you are still amazed that it sold for 10 times the estimated price, then you may be relieved when you learn about its history. First of all, the "estimate" given by the auction expert team is invalid on this pocket watch, because this pocket watch is the first time to enter people's vision, and before this, it is like a "worldly man", hiding for a full 120 years. Secondly, it integrates the hour question, the moment question and the 5-minute question and combines it with the 24-hour display system, and a series of configurations such as calendar and timing can only be regarded as "foil". Perhaps some people will think that this is not magical, we may wish to say more bluntly: the concept of three questions in 24 hours means that its hourly knock can reach up to 24 times. Third, although it has been nearly 120 years, its appearance is as new as new, and there is no trace left by improper use or preservation. The transaction price of more than 10 million yuan will undoubtedly leave a strong mark in the auction history of Patek Philippe watches, and the price of only 3750 Swiss francs when the sale was made is the magic of feeling years and years. Of course, there is no need to calculate the so-called current exchange rate, in front of the real obsession and love, the price is often really just a string of numbers.


Zhenli Ring Pocket Watch Estimate: $20,000 - $30,000 Transaction Price: $2,096,000 (including commission) Time: March 5, 2009 This watch circa 1910, sterling silver three-piece case, hinge connection can flip the watch back, open the watch back can be used as a stand for the entire pocket watch, alarm function, white enamel dial, luminous material Arabic numeral clock, luminous material fill cobra hands, 12 o 'clock alarm time display dial, central time display, Six o 'clock position small seconds, dual function crown. The pocket watch, which is heroic because of its owner's status, comes with a pair of sandals, a set of Indian food utensils and a pair of glasses, all of which were used by Mahatma Gandhi during his lifetime. This pocket watch of extraordinary significance to India was finally auctioned by an Indian, who wowed everyone by paying a record $2.09 million with commission. Due to the age of this pocket watch, the pointer at 12 o 'clock to indicate the setting time of the alarm and the small second hand at 6 o 'clock have fallen off, but this has not affected the enthusiasm of watch lovers. This watch is naturally reminiscent of a Longines watch worn by Einstein that was sold at Antigulen. As with this one, the bidders paid high prices to pursue, in addition to remembering the great men of history, but also the important cultural value contained in it.


Patek Philippe Ref. 3449 Manual winding calendar Moon phase table Transaction price: 1766250 CHF (including commission) Time: October 24, 2004 This is the Ref.3449 moon phase table made by Patek Philippe in 1961, manual winding calendar moon phase table, this straight ear 3449 was only produced 3 pieces, so it is an extremely rare watch. The 18-K gold case has smooth lines and simple atmosphere, and the layout of the dial also shows the beauty of coordination and balance. This one of only three was sold on May 31, 1965.


Patek Philippe "Sky Moon Tourbillon" Ref.5002 Watch Estimate: $800000 - $1,200000 Transaction price: $1,240,400 (including commission) Time: June 14, 2007 As long as Patek Philippe complex appeared in the auction will certainly make waves. The watch set a record price for an American watch at auction that year. To say the reason, there must be no two: first, the brand value is there, and second, its production control is quite artistic - neither so that you can't purely buy, but definitely not so that you can easily buy. It is this kind of semi-masked half-push type of production control, so that Patek Philippe is always an endless topic. Ref 5002 "Sky MoonTourbillon" is a collection of tourbillon, calendar, church bell three questions, return calendar, moon phase, celestial display, equation of time and other 12 functions in one, so complex still obtained COSC certification, but also in line with the Geneva seal. Although it has been available in 2002, but because it is too complicated, only two can be made every year, and I believe that the accumulation has been no more than 20, and the price is naturally bullish.


Patek Philippe Ref.1518 Rose gold Price: 600,000-800000 CHF Transaction Price: 1376000 CHF (including commission) Time: November 16, 2008 In the short 13 years of production time from 1941 to 1954, Patek Philippe chronocalendar Ref.1518 was produced in four generations, most of which were precious metals (gold and rose gold 60), stainless steel style is known only a few. This watch is the first generation 1518 and features a gold Arabic numeral timepiece. The second generation was introduced during Basel in 1942, with 12-point gold timepieces and other enamel-coated timepieces. The third generation removed the enamel coating from the timepiece, while the fourth generation adopted a gold baton timepiece. It fetched more than $4 million at Christie's Geneva auction in May 2010. The classic of 1518 is that it is the first mass-produced chronograph of Patek Philippe, and then the 2499, 3970, 5970 and 5270 launched last year are derived from it.


Patek Philippe stainless steel double seconds chronograph Ref.1436 Estimate: 600,000-800000 CHF Transaction Price: 1244800 CHF (including commission) Time: May 10, 2009 On May 10, 2009, there were more than 300 lots at the Antiguren watch auction in Geneva, of which the Patek Philippe stainless steel double-second chronograph Ref.1436 was the first time it appeared at auction. This watch, made in 1945, was sold on May 11, 1949. This type of watch was produced from 1938 to 1971, it can be said that Patek Philippe's evergreen model, during which the pin button was changed to be installed in the center of the crown in 1950. The current existence of the table is very small, measured in single digits, so it is more precious, and the high price is expected.


Patek Philippe Ref.2499 Estimate: 800,000-1,200,000 CHF Transaction Price: 1,082,500 CHF (including commission) Date: November 13, 2010 Rose gold case, calendar, moon phase, manual winding, timing function, made in 1971. From this watch, the appreciation function of Patek Philippe has once again been well confirmed, and the transaction amount of more than 1 million Swiss francs is really amazing. This watch was made in 1971 and is in excellent condition, with a complex overlay of calendar and chronograph functions. The watch calendar display function formed by the simultaneous work of the window and small dial is also the first of Patek Philippe. 18K rose gold case with recessed ear, arched sapphire glass mirror, frosted silver dial with rose gold double-cut crown Princess time hand and 1/5 second scale on the outer ring. The use of double-sided cutting of the long bar time mark, than the square four-sided cut time mark is more rare, at the same time, it is also one of Patek Philippe's earliest works of the same level of function, so it is highly sought after.