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What are the most popular rides in children's playground?

2018-04-05 04:48:50

The main service object of children's playground is children, it is very important to open children's playground to choose children's popular amusement facilities, many investors who lack the test of the most popular amusement facilities for children's playground have questions, the following for everyone to analyze.


Space sand is a toy color sand that can be taken home to play with. It is composed of 98% sea sand and 2% food grade crosslinker. It has good fluidity and plasticity, and feels soft and non-sticky. Space sand can stimulate children's imagination and creative desire, and can stimulate children's hand-brain nerve development and promote hand-brain coordination.


The park is the perfect combination of sports, entertainment and education, and it is a healthy gas station that promotes the comprehensive development of children's physical fitness, intelligence and quality. The project has the characteristics of randomness, powerlessness, interactivity and security. The main items of crossing the pass are single-log bridge, mountain crossing, curve crossing, pony crossing, net drilling, rainbow bridge, spiral walkway, etc., so that children can realize free conversion between dozens of amusement projects, infinite cycle.


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Interactive ball smashing Interactive ball smashing comprehensively promotes the three major upgrades of the traditional ball pool! Screen upgrade: large screen, shocking picture, children and parents participate at the same time! Content upgrade: Rich game, changeable theme, 3d scene, two-player battle! Ball Pool upgrade: The perfect combination of traditional ball pool and interactive technology, naughty Castle high!


5, Interactive trampoline Interactive trampoline is a large interactive game system projected on the trampoline, the traditional trampoline into the interactive projection game, the interactive technology and trampoline perfect combination, through the motion capture system to capture the children's jumping trajectory to form a wonderful interactive effect. You can also interact with a number of children, one after another in the virtual scene through, so that the audience is eye-opening, to attract children's curiosity to play, a number of different theme style game loop switch infinite joy, so that children's game experience fresh and continuous!


Six, the handmade stage to the castle stage, color matching. DIY handmade design combined with the stage. During the activity, DIY manual tables and chairs are collected at any time, and the stage and DIY manual are combined to form an independent charging area. As the project configuration of an independent area, it is not monotonous, and the charging is valuable to plan.